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Many women have lost their lives as a result of childbirth complications which are often as a result of lack of timely care during pregnancy and child delivery. According to a research on maternal mortality; every year, around 300,000 women and 5 million new-borns die of causes related to childbirth and a Danish maternity foundation reports that 99 % of these deaths happen in low- and middle-income countries.

For every woman who dies in childbirth, dozens more suffer injury, infection or disease, World Health Organization says.

Several researches have advised that in reducing maternal death and morbidity associated with prolonged labor, the progress of labour should be monitored. Lack of easy access to functioning health facilities with the capability of carrying out operative deliveries has also been an issue to the foregoing. And in light of this, policymakers have been advised to do more in tracking maternal mortality such as; identifying and fixing failures like delays in providing timely lifesaving care, especially in remote areas.

Therefore, in pursuit of safety for all pregnant women and new-borns a smart phone application has been designed to help skilled birth attendants to provide a safer birth for mothers and new-borns everywhere. 

The Safe Delivery App was developed by Maternity Foundation, Copenhagen University and University of Southern Denmark to help control the surge of maternal mortality all over the world especially in developing countries.

About the App by Maternity Foundation

 The Safe Delivery App is a smartphone application that provides skilled birth attendants with direct and instant access to evidence-based and up-to-date clinical guidelines on Basic Emergency Obstetric and Neonatal Care. The App maximises the advantage of the wide spread of mobile phones across the globe to provide life-saving information and guidance through a step-by-step easy-to-understand animated instruction videos, action cards and drug lists. It can serve as a training tool both in pre- and in-service training, and equips birth attendants even in the most remote areas with a powerful on-the-job reference tool.

More than 90 % of maternal deaths are preventable with the presence of a skilled birth attendant during delivery. It is therefore crucial that women seek timely care during pregnancy and childbirth, and that all births are attended by health professionals with a sufficient level of training.

How it works:

The Safe Delivery App can be used without any Internet connection after it has been downloaded. Hence, health workers can use it offline. 

The app is available for iPhones and Androids. There is no version for Windows phones. It has been used on cheap smart phones, and works well (e.g. Huawei Ascend Y330 smartphone model in Tanzania). However, it’s important that the phone has enough memory, recommended at least 4GB.

The app is based on international clinical guidelines from WHO and ALSO, among others. When implementing in a new country and setting, the developers have adapted it to the national guidelines. Maternity Foundation plans to support partners in the roll-out, including supporting implementation, conducting research with academic partners, consolidating learning, disseminating results and best practices. The app automatically tracks user patterns, behaviour and knowledge levels via GPRS. Knowledge levels are measured based on tests automatically generated via the app to each user. Hence, it is possible to analyse who is using the app, how much, where, how and with what effect. All of which we off course would be shared with those implementing the app in new settings.

According to an excerpt from, some projects have preinstalled the app on phones before giving them to health workers, to ensure that the apps where on the phones, and because many of the health workers were located in rural areas with no connectivity at all.

Safety for all pregnant women and new-borns is essential, research reveals that the overwhelming rate of maternal mortality and stillbirths could be prevented if proper and adequate provision for nutrition and good quality care during pregnancy, delivery, and the postpartum period are made available.

Therefore, the use of the Safe Delivery App should be made accessible to all health organisations across the globe.

Hi lady!

Running late for dinner? Too tired to cook? Ouch!

How about we make this fun? And dinner  is served quicker with minimal or no stress at all?

Introducing you to the Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker which helps you to control your cooking anywhere with your smartphone.

Slow cookers have always won a place in the heart of many cooks as it is less stressful and allows the cook manage other chores while cooking.

Slow cookers have the slogan of ‘’Cook all Day While the Cook’s Away’’.

There are times when the cook is inevitably late coming home.  It could be an unexpected traffic build up on your way home or the kid’s baseball game goes into extra innings. Having a smart Crock-Pot comes in handy at times like this.

The use of Crock-Pots began in the ’40s inspired by the inventor’s grandmother. However, slow cooker has not been this magical until the addition of WeMo technology which has made life even more convenient for all women. Now, with this device, you don’t need to be frustrated about looking after your baby while cooking or going to the grocery store to get something while you are still cooking. All you need to do is get a WeMo Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker that helps you to cook anywhere you are, using your smartphone.

With Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker, you can turn the temperature of your cooking pot up or down (or even turn the device off) remotely with your smartphone. You can also monitor the progress of your meal and let people know when it is ready, even if you are not there.

This app allows you to know how much cooking time is left; helps you to adjust your cooking time and/or temperature so your tried-and-true slow-cooked dinners won’t turn to mush. You can trust this device to do the magic you want while you take your time.


How it works?
The smart Crock-Pot connects to your Wi-Fi at home or a friend’s house. It syncs up with the WeMo app, and you can use the app to do all sorts of things, such as setting or changing the cook time, monitor what is cooking and even control the temperature.

You can even shift to warm or turn off your Crock-Pot remotely; it also has a six-quart capacity, meaning there’s plenty of room to cook just about any dish.

Having done all this, Dinner is ready!

In order to function effectively, every Nursing mothers require your peace of mind, consciousness, and sanity intact, and there is a limit to what every mom can handle at one point in time. It becomes difficult when you have drag a buggy while you go about your home and businesses.

Thanks to the Owlet Smart Sock technology that has made things easier and more convenient.

This smart monitor is produced in form of a sock, and comfortably wraps around the baby’s foot in order to help all nursing mum track heart rate, oxygen levels and sleep using clinically-proven pulse oximetry, which relieves them of the stress of pacing about their baby’s rooms just to check up on them.

The product is a better option for all nursing moms because it allows them to know and identify when something is wrong with their babies before consulting a doctor.

The Owlet Smart Sock is equipped to help mums understand what their babies cannot say. It provides you with weekly tips and milestones based on your baby’s age coupled with a trended history of your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels. It allows you to make decisions based on data and chart a course for proper development. It also has Log notes to record progress and share visual snapshots with your friends, family or doctor.

Owlet Smart Sock has provided many options for nursing mums to have peace while taking care of their baby. It is packaged in a pack and comes with a 3 Fabric socks (Sizes 0-18 Months), Smart Sock sensor, Base station, Charging cords, Owlet App and AU adapter.

Having purchased the smart monitor, the nursing mother is expected to download an Owlet’s app. Using Owlet’s app, you can receive notifications, stream real-time heart rate and oxygen levels and see historical trends/sleep data.

The base station glows green to let you know everything is okay but notifies with lights and sounds if heart rate or oxygen levels leave preset zones.

Nursing moms can see live readings using Owlet’s app but can also use trended sleep data and historical heart and oxygen information using the Connected Care app to improve their baby’s overall wellness.

The Sock can be worn on either foot, it Includes 1 Smart Sock sensor and 18-hour battery life. It can connect via Bluetooth, range up to 100 feet and when connected, the base station on your phone glows green to let you know everything is okay.

The base station includes 3 notifications for parents and Smart Sock charging dock. It uses clinically-proven pulse oximetry that meets international pulse oximetry standards for accuracy.

Mobile App has Real-time heart rate (BPM); Real-time oxygen saturation levels; Receive base station notifications; Chat with support in app, and guarantees all purchases, backed by Owlet’s 45-day Peace of Mind Guarantee.

Finally – The Owlet Smart Sock can pick up external movements and it is therefore not suitable for co-sleeping or bed-sharing. It is advisable not to use the Smart sock when the baby is in motion, e.g. in a car seat or a stroller. This is not a medical device and is not intended for use as a medical device or to replace a medical device.

The Owlet Baby Monitor is only intended to assist nursing mothers in tracking their baby’s wellbeing and is not intended to become a replace as a caregiver. You are ultimately responsible for your baby. This device is not intended to cure, treat, or prevent any disease or health condition, including, but not limited to, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

In conclusion, every nursing mother deserves peace of mind in managing the home and caring for their babies. Therefore, in order to help them stay alert and sensitive to the wellbeing of their babies, the Owlet Smart Sock was designed for comfort of both mothers and babies.

By Miracle Nwankwo

iTBra is a smart bra developed by Cyrcadia Health, that detects the early signs of breast cancer. The bra uses heat sensors to measure the woman’s circadian temperature, detecting if there have been any sudden changes which might indicate a problem or abnormal development within the breast cells. An examination using the iTBra takes between two and 24 hours, and only requires a woman to wear the bra. It’s less intrusive and embarrassing than a physical exam, and something that can be easily accomplished while going about one’s daily business. Results are then sent to the wearer’s smartphone or PC for later consultation.

The iTBra, which is at a prototype stage, and now trialling the system with the Ohio State University and the Medicine X group at Stanford. This is because this technological method of detecting early signs of breast cancer remains untested and iTBra manufacturers, Cyrcadia Health require the studies to back up its system.

So far it has already been tested on 500 patients in which it proved to be 87% accurate, slightly higher than mammograms at 83%.

The iTBra was also the subject of a documentary titled Detected which screened at SXSW 2015.

Source: Wearable

As a woman, you would want to make sure that you are always in the right healthy state to perform your daily functions which may range from handling business at the office to sorting out the dirty laundry at home and getting them cleaned. This is why it is important that you should always be in tip-top shape all the time.

Usually, women will be advised to keep a constant check on their vitals, especially their heart levels in order to prevent stress-induced strokes or any abnormality in their body system. Then, the question arises, “How do I keep daily and regular check on my vitals?”.

Heading down to the clinic for these regular check-ups on a daily basis can be a bit of a task on its own and still add to the stress which truthfully, we are trying to reduce. Therefore, it is logical that a solution which is easily accessible and understood by just about anyone is introduced into the market for purchase by women.

Now, considering the two key phrases there; easily accessible and understood, a device or you could say, a cloth has been designed specifically for women to keep track of all their vitals and provide them with their health information at any given time. What is this innovative piece of cloth you might ask? It is the Mi Pulse Smart Bra!

Don’t be too surprised it’s a bra, every woman has one or two (well, maybe quite a good number), so it is logical that it should also serve a huge purpose in helping a woman keep herself healthy and looking good.

Although, this bra is mostly being used by women athletes to monitor their heart rates during training and competitions, who says your regular household wife or working mum can’t have one, I mean walking up and down those stairs is excellent cardio after all.

The sports bra integrates the best ECG-level heart rate monitoring technology in it and still provides you with comfort while wearing it. The bra makes use of the most advanced conductive smart fabrics with fully integrated, tri-mode heart rate monitors with support for various wireless medium like the ANT+. Bluetooth Smart and 5.3KHz analog used in most residential and commercial exercise equipment to provide excellent accuracy.

Now, this bra has been designed with no hard-plastic component in it, hence, you do not need to look for a quiet corner to fix your bra or bother with any chafing discomfort you might have; comfort, durability and stylishness are hugely considered in the design of this bra. And of course, it is easily washable using your machine!

Depend on the device or equipment you would want to use during your exercise routine, the Mi Pulse Smart Bra can syndicate seamlessly with an iOS or Android mobile device, fitness watch, bike computer or gym equipment which is quite awesome in terms of flexibility of use.

So, if you need to keep regular check on how you are feeling on the inside without having to go through the stress of rushing down to the clinic, the Mi Pulse Smart Bra should be in your collection of clothes. It is functional and still very much stylish for outdoor use.


Every woman wants to be able to look her best at any time and always has to follow a healthy diet in order to keep her body in good shape and fit.

There are certain factors that come to play when trying to keep your body in good shape; watching what you eat, when you eat and how you eat are most of the common factors to consider when aiming for a killer body.

Usually, taking control of these factors can prove to be a daunting task and you would definitely need all the help you can get to reach your aim. This help can take different forms from a specifically designed diet to a well-rounded exercise plan and even a fork! This is especially important if you can always have your favourite meals and treats without any hassle.

The HAPIfork is one of those cutting-edge devices that have been designed to help women control, monitor and reduce the speed at which they eat their meals. Understanding that when you eat properly and pay attention to your eating habits can help in creating and maintaining a healthier eating process for your body.

If you are one of the lots, who like to eat in front of a television, work while eating, or do other things, it is already a clear indicator of your concentration is fully attended to how fast or slow you are eating. Most times, a huge part of the lot find themselves eating too fast and that is where the HAPIfork plays a huge role. It will help slow you down and bring you to a healthy eating pace.

This very handy device will measure and record the time from when you hold the fork till it touches your mouth and give you an accurate timeline between each fork serving.

If you are going too fast, a soft gentle vibration emits from the fork and an indicator light comes on to remind you that you are eating too fast.  Such convenience! With time, as these reminders keep coming in, you will notice that your eating pace has slowed down to a speed at which your body can properly process the food that goes into it.

The HAPIfork basically operates by monitoring the following parameters:

  • The number of “fork servings” taken per minute and per meal.
  • The duration of each “fork serving” interval.
  • How long your meal lasted.
  • Starting and End time of your meal.

Now, to monitor your progress, you can always upload your information via Bluetooth or USB cable to your computer for future reference. You can also view these statistics on your mobile phone and even choose to share your details with your family, friends, or nutritionists.

Utilizing the HAPIfork to slow down eating pace is very important, as some scientific studies carried out in 2002 showed the following side effects of eating too fast:

  • Weight Gain: when you eat, you can only feel satisfied after about 20minutes. This means that your eating pace is fast, you will end up eating more food than your body requires.
  • Digestive problems: when you eat too quickly, you do not chew your food properly. This then makes it harder to go down your digestive tract and you start having issues.
  • Postoperative complications: eating at a pace that is convenient for your body will lessen the stress on any weak tissue in your body.

The HAPIfork, though a sophisticated device can be used like any other fork you have in your cutlery cabinet. It can be washed in either a sink or a dryer, has an easy-to-use guide and also has wear and tear. The efficiency of the HAPIfork is due to an extensive research and design by Jacques Lépine who used seven years to design the fork.

The fork is designed to operate with maximum compatibility on a wide variety of devices along with your computers and a stable internet connection.

So when next you are in the market for a fitness routine; try the HAPIfork; Eat Slowly – Feel Better.