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30 Jun

What Women Can Learn From Female Heads of Government

By: Eruke Ojuederie Following Theresa May’s victory at the polls on June 8, the controversies surrounding her Brexit move have sparked up a fresh debate. The British Prime Minister has taken steps towards assuring European Union citizens living in Britain, that their activities will not be disrupted when the move is completed. This has not been much of an assurance as EU citizens are yet to determine what the future holds for them. According to the exit plan, those who meet the five-year rule would be able to apply for the “settled” status. This is assumed to be more like a temporary citizenship which allows them to live and work in Britain. Since Theresa May moved for Britain’s exit from the European Union, skeptics...
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24 Feb

Are the Odds Against Women in Politics?

Eruke Ojuederie In the year 2016, there was a lot of optimism as to the sudden flock of women into the political scene across the globe especially with the very daring US Presidential elections. Although that election did not particularly go well for the women folk, hopes were heightened at the level of possibilities available to women in this day and time. This new drive brings a certain freshness from what was obtainable in the past but there are still lots of questions to be asked. With the inclusion of gender equality among the sustainable development goals (SDGs) by the United Nations (UN), governments of the world have been put on their toes in ensuring that women get a fair treatment as...
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21 Dec

Women in Parliament: Where does India figure among the rest of the World?

By: Bhanupriya Rao While the global average for Women in Parliament stands at 22.4%, India is at the 103rd place out of 140 countries with a mere 12% representation. Within Asia, India is at the 13th position out of 18 countries. Countries like South Sudan, Saudi Arabia have better Women representation in Parliament than India. Women’s representation in elected bodies, Lok Sabha and state legislative assemblies is a source of huge disappointment. As we observed in a previous article, women occupy just 66 seats in the 543 member Lok Sabha, which is a mere 12%. The scenario for women Members of Legislative Assemblies (MLAs) across all state assemblies in India is even worse, with the national average being a pitiable 9%. The...
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11 Nov

Mission ‘Break the Ultimate Glass Ceiling: Beyond the US Loss

Following recent announcements which declared Republican Party candidate Donald Trump as the president-elect of the United States of America, several thoughts have trailed women groups as to the effect of the Clinton loss for women all over the world. It was indeed a long road travelled by a strong woman with a brave heart. Women have been known to be resilient in their quest to achieve what they set out to and so it was not surprising that Mrs. Clinton put up a tough fight if not for anything, but to show women that with the right tools in place and self-development, ANY woman can be where she wants to be. So many women have held on tight to the “girl-card” which...
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