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Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and Her Legacy of Service

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“I declare before you all that my whole life, whether it be long or short, shall be devoted to your service and the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong.” -Her Majesty the Queen.

On her 21st Birthday, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, made a vow of service to the Great Imperial Family, which included the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth. The queen took this vow as a youth with all the enthusiasm and hope a 21-year-old princess could muster at that time, and throughout her life, she carried this promise and was committed to fulfilling it until the very last day. On the 8th of September 2022, the Royal Family announced that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth had passed away peacefully, surrounded by her family.

Just 48 days before September 8th, the Queen was photographed meeting Lizz Truss, as she was positioned as the new Prime Minister and the 3rd female to hold such office in the United Kingdom.

It is the role of the Queen to officiate this with a formal meeting, and it is one of the Queen’s many responsibilities. Even during this time, when reports of her health were raising concerns, the Queen still played her role in the country’s management.

A few months prior, the United Kingdom celebrated her Jubilee, making her as the longest ruling monarch in the history of the nation. The celebration reflected on her years of service, including the responsibilities she undertook in national politics. Over the past few years, it is evident that her role has become advisory and diplomatic, but even in that context, she was an inspirational leader and a constant symbol of a great nation.

If one is to reflect on the previous decades, there is a history of women being sidelined in work, politics and even leading homes. Yet the rule of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth was captivating and unique in every way. Unlike her predecessors, the Queen was a mechanic in the war and played a part in the war, something that was not common at that time. She also reigned and worked alongside three female prime ministers, including the newly instated Liz Truss. History reports that the Queen had a very close relationship with other Prime Ministers, such as Churchill acting as his advisor and confidant. Her interactions with other international heads of state have also gained popularity as this has encouraged healthy relationships between nations and created fantastic diplomatic ties that can never be forgotten. She has also been part of timeless conversations on environmental sustainability.

The Queen also cherished the Commonwealth. When she came into power, most of the Commonwealth was instated through colonisation which has raised much debate. Presently the relationship between the Commonwealth and the Queen has evolved into a partnership rather than a toxic power dynamic where only one party benefits. Now there are scholarships, projects, and other social projects where the UK plays an important role in uplifting other nations and their youth. The Queen has always maintained ties with these nations, leading the other royal family members in initiatives and charities to benefit the less privileged. 

Just like any iconic female leader, something that many have been left to remember fondly is her iconic bright outfits. Her designers spoke of how she preferred brighter colours so that she would stand out just like her bright atmosphere and energy.

There is no doubt that her absence can already be felt and that she played a prominent role in history. She not only kept her promise of service till her last moments but also led and served in exemplary ways. Her rule was not perfect, but it was phenomenal and revolutionary. She was an icon, leader, and our ultimate Amazons Government in Heels representative and role model.

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