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14 Jul

How Procurement and Sourcing Can Help Close the Gender Gap

By: Sydney Lazarus   Procurement functions can play a big role in supporting women-owned businesses, argues a new report produced by UN Women. The report points out that corporations are in a powerful position to help close the gender gap through their procurement and sourcing departments. Even though corporate spend accounts for trillions of dollars every year, only 1% of that sum goes to women-owned businesses. (In comparison, for U.S. federal contracts, the figure is 4.7%)   The benefits of sourcing from more women-owned businesses go beyond the women themselves. The World Economic Forum has found that gender equality is positively correlated with the country’s gross domestic product and level of competitiveness. Similarly, the World Bank has reported that “underused or misallocated” female labor...
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7 Jul

How Can We Close the Gender Gap Within STEM?

  By: Monica Burdick Those of us with careers in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM fields, in today’s common parlance) know the importance of truths revealed by numbers. How can it be, then, that so many people in our numbers-based fields are inured to the deep disappointment I feel regarding statistics on gender disparities in STEM-related jobs? According to 2016 figures from the National Science Board, women make up half of the total U.S. college-educated workforce and only 29 percent of the science and engineering workforce. Though female and male students show no significant differences in their math and science abilities between kindergarten and senior year of high school, somehow only 35 percent of chemists, 17 percent of industrial engineers, 11 percent...
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23 Jun

5 Ways You’re Losing Customers (And Profit) to Your Competitors

Without customers, no business would exist. Customers are responsible for paying the bills and making sure you remain in business. But what happens when you begin to lose your customers? Many female entrepreneurs have wondered why their customers don't return and what can be done to turn the tables around. In this article, you'll learn five common reasons why you're losing customers (and profit) and what you can do about this. Let's dive right in and see five common reasons why you could be losing customers and profits to your competitors; Poor Customer Service. This is by far the biggest reason why you're losing customers and profit to your competitors. Consider the following statistics: 89% of customers will switch to a competitor...
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9 Jun

How Women Mentors Make a Difference in Engineering

For some women, enrolling in an engineering course is like running a psychological gauntlet. If they dodge overt problems like sexual harassment, sexist jokes, or poor treatment from professors, they often still have to evade subtle obstacles like the implicit tendency to see engineering as a male discipline. It’s no wonder women in the U.S. hold just 13 to 22 percent of the doctorates in engineering, compared to an already low 33 percent in the sciences as a whole. Nilanjana Dasgupta, from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, thinks that mentors—people who can give advice, share experiences, or make social connections—can dismantle the gauntlet, and help young women to find their place in an often hostile field. In a year-long study—one of...
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