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6 Oct

Upholding Technology with Conscious Intelligent

Taiwan has a large number of successful women in almost every sphere of life, in technology, business, agriculture, governance, education and much more, with a label of hard work. These women are inspiring, never giving up and courageous. Some rose from grass to grace while other followed successful paths created for them by their fathers through inheritance. In technology most especially, women of Asia including Taiwanese are known to attain unimaginable feats and positions through intelligence. For example the amiable of Eva Yi-Hwa Chen of Taiwan who was born and raised in Taichung, having schooled at the National Chengchi University in Taipei where she earned a degree in philosophy. After her undergraduate education at the National Chengchi University, she worked for a short time...
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22 Sep


By: Sahar El-Arishy   Purpose is an incredibly powerful intention. It provides the strength to fight the impossible. It tells a story. It inspires us to feel different and changes how we engage with the world.   Honoring the stories of innovative Egyptian women entrepreneurs that create ideas that matter is what sparked my event planning business in Cairo.  I called it 18.213. The name might seem like an obscure numerical code but in fact, it is the address of my venue in Egypt where I curate and launch my events.   18.213 is a unique experiential launch pad that gives local women entrepreneurs the opportunity to share their ideas with the community through an event that is engaging, bold and emotionally transformative.  The Space aspires...
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15 Sep

Maria Elena Lagomasino: Taking Business to the Next Level

Maria Elena Lagomasino is a Hispanic business woman and founder of WE family offices. Born on 27 March 1949, Maria who is also referred to as MEL has worked as director of a number of prestigious organisations. Maria obtained a Bachelors degree in French Literature, obtained from the College of Manhattanville in 1970. She also got her Master of Library Science, at Columbia University, in 1975. And in 1982 she obtained Master of Business Administration (MBA), at Fordham University. Maria is one of the world’s powerful women who got to the top through their self-made efforts. Before she established WE family offices, she had worked as the Vice president at Citibank, as head of the private bank for the Western Hemisphere, and...
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25 Aug

Vanessa Gounden: The Story of a Successful Entrepreneur

Vanessa Gounden is a South African entrepreneur, who had no background knowledge of entrepreneurship growing up but developed her entrepreneurial spirit through determination. Vanessa did not grow up with her parents even though they worked in South Africa, she spent most of her childhood days on a smallholding in a mixed racial area near Durban with her grandparents who were florist. She had her education in Shallcross Secondary school and the University of Pretoria, with a B.Tech degree. She is a strong politician whose motive is drawn from the experience she encountered at age ten when he father was forcfully removed by the apartheid state causing her family to leave their home under the Group Areas Act and moved to a dormitory...
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