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16 Jun

Kalpana Morpania: An Epitome of Dignity of Labour

  Kalpana Morpania was born on the 30th of May 1949 in India. She had lost her father at the early stage of her life and was forced to focus on her studies and consider marriage afterwards. Morpania was zealous with her education and when she was 16 years old, she completed her secondary education. She was determined to further so she enrolled for a science course in Sophia College of Women and in 1970, she graduated with a B.Sc. in science. After obtaining her B.Sc. degree, Morpania took up a teaching job, but due to some complications in communication, she withdrew for some months. However, she continued to crave for the peak. She began to plan on pursuing a degree in law....
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19 May


In recent times, women have been able to take bold steps towards becoming different and making an impact in their generation by taking on unique roles which before now was exclusive to men. These women put in their time, resources and energy, not neglecting their core roles as wife and mother,and have recorded some level of success in their pursuit for a better more fulfilling life. Mallika Srinvasis is a perfect example of a woman who has made a strong mark in a male dominated industry. She is known as the “tractor queen”. Blessed with good parents, and a father who always encouraged her to focus on her studies. Growing up, Mallika was always full of determination. She was known to be...
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5 May

Growing Lilies in the Valley- Nusrat Jahan Ara

Nusrat Jahan Ara is from Dadoora Village in Kashmir’s Pulwama district of India.  She is a graduate of Computer Studies who had always wanted to run a business of her own. She was dissatisfied with her job and decided to quit. This decision was a tasking one because every woman in India finds it prestigious to be referred to as a government worker as a result of its conveniences and good pay. But Nusrat had an attraction for agricultural business; she knew that her potentials would flourish within the fields. As she thought of how to start up her own business and just then observed that the valley where she lived was naturally endowed with beautiful flowers. But amazingly there were no...
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26 Apr

From Poverty to Pride with Rag2Richies- Fernandez Ruiz

By: Miracle Nwankwo Fernandez-Ruiz is a native of Philippines who was born in 1985 and raised by a missionary mother who traveled around the country ministering and providing help to the needy. At the early stage of her life, Fernandez was committed to meeting other people’s need. She noticed the problem that local women in Payatas faced in their business and it dawned on Fernandez that these women needed help. In the city of Payatas lies one of Philippines’ biggest dump sites, where over 117,000 people with the lowest status anyone could think about, risk their health and safety daily, searching for recyclables and shred metals to sell. The women in Payatas developed a means to earn a living by recycling scrap material to...
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