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11 Aug

From Achitecture To Food Business: The success story of Mac Chung Lynn; CEO Nando’s Malaysia

  Born in the year 1978 in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, Mac Chung Lynn is currently the CEO of Nando’s Malaysia. She had her primary and secondary education in Methodist Primary School, the Garden School, and a boarding school in England. Afterward, she moved to London to study architecture at the University of Wales, in Cardiff. While studying at Wales, she was a customer of the Nando’s eatery; a South African food chain, she loved their menu and was always there to eat. On one occasion her father visited and they went to the Nando’s for their lunch. Having tasted their meal, he loved the hot peri-peri sauce and requested to speak with the manager. A few months later Mac got a call from her...
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4 Aug

Making Learning Easy through Technology

While growing up, Rapelang Rabana had too many dreams, she wanted to become anything that inspired her at the moment. From being a ballerina to becoming a doctor, and then an astronaut. She was always fantasizing about different career lines until her final year at the university when she made up her mind on what she really wanted to do.   She was born in Gaborone, Botswana but a native of South Africa. She had her early education in Gaborone and when her family moved to Johannesburg she continued her schooling there. In 2005, Rapelang graduated with a bachelor's degree in Business Science from the University of Cape Town.   As Rapelang’s graduating date got closer she began to brood on what she wanted...
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7 Jul

The Entrepreneurship Journey of Suchi Mukherjee

  India has a handful of success female entrepreneurs who are making waves in different fields of business; one of these women is Suchi Mukherjee. Suchi Mukherjee is a founder and CEO of LimeRoad, born in the year 1973 into a middle class family in India. She studied economics at the school of Cambridge and completed her masters in Economics and Finance from London School of Economics. During one of her maternity leaves, she began to think deeply on how to move forward as she had always wanted to start up her own business. Her motive was to make an impact in the society that could ease livelihood and fill the gap in the society. Suchi had worked with many companies and in each...
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16 Jun

Kalpana Morpania: An Epitome of Dignity of Labour

  Kalpana Morpania was born on the 30th of May 1949 in India. She had lost her father at the early stage of her life and was forced to focus on her studies and consider marriage afterwards. Morpania was zealous with her education and when she was 16 years old, she completed her secondary education. She was determined to further so she enrolled for a science course in Sophia College of Women and in 1970, she graduated with a B.Sc. in science. After obtaining her B.Sc. degree, Morpania took up a teaching job, but due to some complications in communication, she withdrew for some months. However, she continued to crave for the peak. She began to plan on pursuing a degree in law....
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