Tunisia Improves On Approach To Digital Access For Female Entrepreneurs

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Tunisia’s Minister of Women, the Family and the Elderly, Iman Zahouani Houimel, has pointed to the efforts of the government to improve the access of female entrepreneurs to information technology and communication, because of their great importance in achieving their economic empowerment.

Houimel addressed a wide audience at the Mediterranean Women Digital Summit 2021 in Tunis which was held under the theme “Accelerating Digital Transformation of Women-led SMEs”, noting that Covid19 highlighted the role of modern technologies in the management of projects and economic programs. According to her, this requires the development of plans based on this element as a component of integrative economic development.

The two-day Mediterranean Women Digital Summit 2021, was organized by UN Women in cooperation with several international organizations. The objective of the event was to help small and medium enterprises led by women on the southern shore of the Mediterranean to improve their access to information technology and communication and bridge the digital divide between the different parts of the northern shore.

Houimel estimated that the presence of Tunisian women in the labour market and working life has not exceeded 26.5% over the past decade despite their attention to education in terms of training and obtaining higher degrees.

As part of efforts for women development in Tunisia, the first phase of the economic empowerment program and women’s initiative developed by the Ministry, “Raydat”, which will be completed by the end of this year, has so far resulted in the creation of about 4,500 projects, including 531 micro-enterprises. It is expected that the second phase of the program will be implemented from early 2022 until 2026.

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