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MacKenzie Scott, philanthropist and novelist, recently announced that she would be supporting the work of select global organizations driving transformational social change. This update comes a year after her Giving Pledge commitment, where she made it known that she will be giving the majority of her wealth back to the society that helped generate it. She is supporting organizations, including the END Fund, a global health organization working to end neglected tropical diseases (NTDs). Specifically, she is investing in the Deworming Innovation Fund – a six-year Audacious Project initiative to accelerate progress towards the elimination of parasitic worm infections affecting more than 40 million children in Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, and Zimbabwe.

Women will be the minority in almost all if a random survey of board rooms is taken, and in statistics where you are in the minority, growing your influence and power takes time. With over two decades in the banking industry, Reinette Van der Merwe earned the title of being the only woman in the boardroom, and she was the only woman most of the time. In this interview with Amazons Watch magazine, she shares her thoughts on this and other issues. Excerpts:

In spite of the universal plea for gender equality and the regular policy conversations around it, progress in terms of diversity on corporate boards seems particularly slow and laced with tokenism.  This is particularly so in Africa where only 12% of corporate board positions are filled by women, despite women comprising a large proportion of the population. This percentage shown by a survey carried out by the African Development Bank is a far cry from gender equality.

Olympian Salima Souakri became the new Secretary of State to the Minister of Youth and Sports, responsible for elite sport, within the Algerian government. Souakri participated in the Olympic Games four times and having won the prestigious Paris Tournament and ten African Champion titles. Souakri was also the first woman from Algeria and the Arab community to take part in the Olympic tournament.