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Lockdown: A Stretch of Leisure and Creativity!

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By Aditi Maheshwari

It is interesting to know how the human mind starts revealing its intelligence in a time when limits are imposed upon its physical self. The uncertainty births the creative solutions previously dormant in magnificent minds of ordinary people who were labelled non-holders of high achievements.

The lockdown blues led to many trials and errors but in all creations were propelled to look innate for skills they might have. So we can say that the lockdown was not all bad news after all.

Let’s take a closer look into our lives in the past few months!

The desperate attempts to crumble the feelings of isolation stirred the spirit of innovation amongst people. Some started painting, others started cooking, dancing, singing, reading, writing and much more creative stuff and then suddenly we realize our potential to develop a new skill. Isn’t this fantastic? What seems to be not so progressive time gives births to the greatest progressive measures and leads to creative breakthroughs!

Well, that is the power of leisure, it gives you the time to refresh in other to re-enforce.

Another great magic that took place amid the lockdown was realizing that we are not so dependent upon outer things to achieve the things we have admired so much, such as keeping fit despite the lack of access to gyms. We learned to cook well without professional training; we learned the art of writing by simply starting to write, etc…

By these examples I don’t intend to devalue gyms, chefs or writers etc, what I am trying to say is that the things we think we cannot do without, happen to be there within us all along but we were ignorant upon the fact that we can turn them from dormant to active by simply paying attention and changing the ways we are used to.

Heightened awareness helps us make better choices and live with more integrity and personal accountability.

The things we take for granted in our everyday course turn out to be the most valuable and we gain this understanding through self-reflection which happens naturally during this time of self-isolation and lockdown series as we got more and more “me” time.

Usually people take for granted their closest relationships simply because of their non-demanding nature. However, these lockdown times has helped us view our relationships differently, we are learning the importance of attention each unique relationship deserves, and at the same time to patiently invest in such relations, this in turn creates the beauty of understanding and acceptance and the wisdom of learning not to sabotage the integrity of such relationships due to outside influences, whether monitory or social or any other. Unity is powerful whether applied in personal relationships or together as a community. We can build only when we are united otherwise we open ourselves up for a great fall.

There can never be a better time than this for self reflection. We usually try to shut out uneasiness from our life because in order to face it we need to break the patterns we are so deeply use to. But this lockdown shows us that no pattern or habit is difficult to break if we are committed enough. Moreover, personal growth is not dependent on others; it’s simply a matter of focusing on oneself and spending time learning. It’s time to stop oscillating loneliness between good and bad and it’s time to emerge like a phoenix of creativity and power. Remember, we are the deciders to choose the flavor of our day with sweetness of hard work or to sour through the day by crying and cribbing and wasting time watching movies or simply playing online games. Whatever you choose will reveal your future fate.

People who never had the eye to notice the marvels of nature are now celebrating its delicate beauty by appreciating, taking pictures, spending time under the open sky, observing the colours of nature, enjoying its feel and simply honouring its presence. Does this not show that what appears to be a trajectory prima facie is basically another pathway to learning and wisdom?

It’s hard no doubt about that and truly sad in some cases but we can’t blame nature for it because we humans are the culprits ourselves. By not respecting nature we invite unnatural disasters. The more we pay attention to our wrongdoings and improve upon them by being responsible, the more happiness and blessings we attract and vice versa. Learning is the door to wisdom and only through careful observations, we can learn the deep truths of nature. 

In case your country hasn’t eased its lockdown policies, try embracing leisure at its peak!

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