Dealing with the affairs of the house and keeping a full-time job may at some point, take a toll on your body; it is, therefore, always important to have a way to relieve yourself of the stress, and ways to let loose and shakedown unnecessary thoughts.

A good way to de-stress yourself is to engage in activities that make you happy, increases your casual interactions with people and ultimately engage in activities that relax your body such as:

  1. Massage: Schedule a massage or give yourself a good long soak in a bubble bath while your favourite song plays. Doing something that relaxes all the tensed up nerves is definitely a good way to relax. A personal day from work to do something that you really love is also very relaxing; it could be taking a plate of pie to your next-door neighbour, helping out at the community centre, or even going on a little bit of shopping for yourself.
  2. Now, depending on what you are keen on, reading a book or two is an experiential way to relax. Pick up a good book that interests you to read; it could be non-fiction to inspire you, fiction to ignite your imagination or even romance novels to get your emotions flowing.
  3. Giving yourself a treat is also a way you can help yourself relax; change up your hairstyle or haircut, get a manicure with a colour that pops up beautifully or buy that shoe you’ve always wanted but couldn’t buy.
  4. Time alone with yourself or person(s) you really care about can be a very relaxing experience for you. Do fun things. See new places and be happy. These fun moments can wipe away any trace of stress.
  5. A little bit of exercise never hurts anyone; you could visit the gym and pull a few weights, get yourself into yoga, pick up a new hobby or even take a walk around your neighbourhood or a local park near you. Just keep your body active and your blood flowing.
  6. Asides the stress that comes with dealing with everyday life, people can be another factor that can cause you stress. So it is important that you let go of negative and toxic people and learn to say NO when it doesn’t serve you.
  7. When you are overloaded, overwhelmed, or overworked; ask for help. It is not a sign of weakness, it shows that you know your limits and are willing to get help to achieve the best working result.
  8. In your schedule, always make sure there is enough time for you to rest. Getting the right amount of rest can definitely put you in the right frame to get through any day. And if you feeling a bit down during the day; take a power nap, it helps.
  9. Never forget to always pray and be thankful for all the things going right in your life. Taking time to really look at the good things in your life can give you the right perspective and a relaxed mind.

By Anerobi, Chimezie Lotachi

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