When getting your meal ready for either breakfast, lunch or dinner, we are always so excited to dish the food and sit down to enjoy a good meal. Maybe because of the excitement and thrill that comes with having a meal that tastes deliciously divine, or maybe some other factor, it does not change the fact that mealtime is usually a happy time for most people.

Most times when we eat, food enthusiasts and health lifestyle coaches will always encourage one to eat a balanced diet. Give each meal in the day the right proportions of nutrient needed by your body to keep you healthy and fit.

This is usually not because they want to control how you eat (well, they are helping you control how you eat), instead it is because they want to you eat in portions that are healthy for you.

Remember; Too much is bad, too little is not enough!

Take carbohydrates, for instance, we know how important it is in providing the body with the energy it needs to help us work through the day. The glucose released by the carbohydrates give us the push to work, it is almost like we are batteries and the glucose is what keeps us charged and functioning.

Usually, you can feel a bit dizzy or nauseous when you do not have the right amount of glucose coursing through your body and in some severe cases end up fainting. Therefore, we are always encouraged to take in as many carbohydrates as our body needs.

Now, recall we did mention that “too much” can be bad for your health and this also applies to carbohydrates too. As much as you would need to keep your energy supply to your body by taking in carbohydrates, taking in too many carbohydrates can also stand to have an adverse effect on your body.

An excess amount of carbohydrates in your meal allocations can take a shocking turn in your growth. Experts suggest that excess carbohydrates in your meal pattern can stunt your growth.

This happens because the excess carbs in your body produce more glucose which raises your insulin level to a point where it hinders your growth hormones from functioning properly. With the growth hormones not secreting enough hormones into the body required for growth, you might find yourself not growing as tall as you would want and reaching that top shelf.

In order to maintain the right height needed for you or be of a height that you are comfortable with, it is essential that the right proportions of carbohydrates, proteins, and other nutrients in meal rations be put on your plate – A balanced diet.

The carbohydrates will provide your body with the energy it needs on a daily basis while the protein will ensure that your growth hormones are functioning accordingly, assisting your growing up to be tall and strong. Now, do not forget; there are still a few downsides to having too much protein released into your body just because you hope to one day play for the national basketball team, so ensure to always keep your meals balanced. Always have a good mix of all the food groups, this will ensure that you grow and live healthily.

Note that food high in saturated fats may also contribute to you not getting as tall as you want, plus they are rich in cholesterol which is nowhere good for your heart.

So, eating right and making sure you exercise daily is the surest way for you to be healthy and live a happy life.

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