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Bird Island Seychelles – Redefining food, Travel and Leisure

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By Eloke-Young Splendor

Relaxation is an essential element in the life of every man, as he tries to capture the pure joy of discovering the pleasures the world has to offer. In a world, where relaxation and food have become an inevitable means of survival, accessing a nice location for relaxation as well as the sumptuous meal is a great necessity.

Seychelles continues to portray Africa as the true destination for tourism as it magnifies its glamorous travel destinations as well as relaxation areas; of which Bird Island Seychelles represents. Bird Island can be described as the northernmost island of Seychelles. It is located at a strategic part in the country, 28 miles from Denis Island on the edge of the coast of Seychelles, specifically where the ocean drops to over 2000 meters.  Its name Bird Island originates from its spectacular colony of around 700,000 pairs of sooty tern that nest on the island.

This picturesque sea-side is occupied by diverse creatures which include about 700,000 pairs of sooty tern that nest on the island.   This Island also hosts the heaviest turtle in the world as it makes the island its nesting abode. It can be described as one of Seychelles most loved and treasured locations because of the luxury of comfort it provides; which include twenty-four comfortable bungalows, excellent beaches, a reputation for good food, a friendly atmosphere complemented with fabulous spots for diving, deep-sea fishing, and comfortable points to clearly observe nature. The Island is inhabited by a colony of terns, kingfishers and swallows that you can observe at your leisure, thereby giving you a sight-filled journey.

Bird Island Seychelles gives its visitors an opportunity to experience and observe nature; as it pulls them away from some artificial leisure experiences such as air-conditioning, phones, televisions, pools, cars, and even daily newspapers, thereby giving them strong reasons to appreciate nature. It is a destination that allows its visitors to explore the fullness of nature without resistance.

The birds that can be found in this location include; White fairy terns, lesser noddy, Seychelles sunbirds, common mynas, Madagascan Red Fodies and so on. These birds add to the untold beauty of the island. The Island’s ecolodge is a comfortable base from where you can watch free-roaming Aldabra tortoises and preening red Madagascar fodies.  It literally brings other creatures close to your dwelling. Another interesting fact about this island is that all rats have been eradicated, thereby making it the safest environment for recreation. This touristy charming location is renowned for its perfect blend of hospitality, relaxation and simplicity in its most natural form.

This island also provides sumptuous meals, nourishing fruits and also allows for Citizens to cultivate food and vegetables. So expect to see small organic farms where pumpkins, papayas and tomatoes are grown for the lodge’s restaurant. This is a recommended holiday destination with a reputation for its delicious cuisine.

After a great tour on this beautiful island, one is filled with the desire to bring back some of the beautiful creatures and materials that adorn the Island. Unfortunately, nothing can be brought back, everything should be left where it is except your photos and the memories gotten from the beautiful Island.  Bird Island can be said to be one of the “must visits” in Seychelles because it has more affordable and reasonable prices compared to other islands.

What to Bring on your Trip:

You might probably have your own packing list; nevertheless, this list is not cast in stone, so feel free to create your own list as you enjoy your journey to this beautiful Island. For women, a summer or evening dress is always the appropriate attire. For during the day, light, summery, airy clothing is recommended, as the high humidity can quickly cause you to sweat.                                          

Other items include Sunscreen with a high factor of protection, hat, sunglasses, comfortable sports shoes for walking and hiking to various beaches or through the Vallée de Mai on Praslin. For La Digue, a torch (or better yet a headlamp) will assist you through that route.

Taking a trip to Bird Island Seychelles will leave you in deep awe and an overwhelming admiration of nature as well as life; it might as well prove that to travel is to discover that everyone is sometimes wrong about other countries.

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