Taking an opinion sample of what people think about vegetarians revealed some very shocking attitudes. Most people actually despise the whole idea of being a vegetarian and even transfer it to those who have chosen this feeding habit but come to think of it being a vegetarian is not a death sentence as most people think it is. There are choice meals which have proven to be vegetarian favourites and non-vegetarians even enjoy them as snacks or whole meals. Here are some of those choice meals that can help subdue your craving for meat and other animal protein.

Pizza: Research has shown that pizza in its basic form; bread, tomato and cheese, is one sure way to kill the animal craving and it is feeling too. Some may argue that some pizzas have that animal protein but then we all know that the basic richness of a pizza lies in the dough, tomatoes, cheese and some veggy.


Spring roll: Spring rolls are cool because it makes vegetarians feel good about being able to split appetizers at Asian restaurants. However, there’s really not much to them… they are really just some veggies wrapped up and fried. Still, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t delicious.

Mac & Cheese: Pasta is a vegetarian favourite because it is easy and wonderful for dinners and Mac & Cheese does a great job. And, of course, the ultimate lazy vegetarian pasta meal: penne with tomato sauce.

Potatoes: Whether as French fries, mashed, baked, chips, scalloped potatoes, this is always a choice meal for vegetarians

Falafel: This is a traditional Arab food. These fried vegetarian fritters are often served along with hummus, and tahini sauce. They are made from ground chickpeas, fava beans, or both.


5So the next time you have a vegetarian guest or you want to change your feeding habit, do not hesitate to try out some of the amazing vegetarian dishes we have explored.

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