Fluid in the Uterus


In normal conditions uterus does not hold any fluids in its cavity. During pregnancy, the amniotic sac holds the amniotic fluid. Apart from this, fluid gets accumulated in the uterus in the form of fibroids or polyps. Some non- malignant condition can cause retention of fluid in the uterus. People with pelvic inflammatory diseases caused by bacterial infection also experience retention of fluid in uterus. This is known as fluid in uterus. When fluid is present in the uterus it is a cause for worry.  The danger of the condition is that most women may not be aware of the fluid retention in their uterus. Sometimes inflammation of the uterine tissues also occurs.  The condition can be identified with the symptoms associated with it. In some women fluid accumulation in the uterus remains asymptomatic. Some patients show some of the following symptoms. Pelvic pain which results from the accumulation of…