Dr. Hadiyah Nicole Green


Orphaned at an early age, Hadiyah-Nicole Green was raised by her aunt and uncle in St. Louis, Missouri. In 2003, she earned her bachelor’s degree in physics at Alabama A&M University. Upon her graduation from college, Hadiyah’s aunt, who had raised her from age 4, informed her that she was suffering a kind of cancer, which she referred to as “Women’s Cancer”, never really specifying the type. She subsequently refused to go through cancer treatment, and Hadiyah as her caregiver, witnessed firsthand the life altering effects of cancer and how it destroys the human body. Three months after that, Hadiyah’s uncle was also diagnosed of cancer, and though he went through the treatments, she also got to see the awful side effects of cancer treatments. Hadiyah’s uncle lived on for ten more years, but having seen both sides of the coin, she figured there had to be a better way…