Amazons Watch Magazine, now a publication of the African Leadership UK Group has launched a new magazine and website look with exciting new segments.

The magazine which is the foremost voice for women in Africa and other developing nations has created four new segments, and rejigged some old segments as a way of providing rich and relevant content, creating more engagements and appeal to all classes of women.


The new segments created include:

The Celebrity Amazon: this exciting segment aims to celebrate female celebrity icons in Africa and across the globe. Our celebrity Amazons are women with an undying passion for people yet possess a larger than life personality using her influence for societal good.   

Easy recipes for busy mums: a segment that is poised to create exciting, easy, and sometimes new on the go recipes for our super busy mums.

Home and Décor: every woman wants her home to be welcoming both in warmth and aesthetics. This segment provides exciting, simple tips for women to brighten up their living spaces. Tips gotten from this segment will give that wow, welcoming feel, every woman so desires for her home.

Fitness Challenges: What woman doesn’t want a great body for summer and for her overall well-being? This segment invites our readers to join in renowned fitness challenges that have been tried and tested by top female icons.

Modified segments include the ‘’Kid Zone’’ sector which is now modified to ‘’Mums and kids’ zone’’ and discusses childcare, tips on parenting and general topics relating to daily challenges encountered by children and guardians, proffering expert opinion and solutions to these challenges.

Former segments like ‘’TrailBlazer’’ and ‘’Women in Diaspora’’ has been merged into the ‘’Impact Inspire’’ segment.

Now, we saved the best for last.

We understand our brain can process visuals much quicker than it can text.  The human brain is not only more used to seeing visuals but is also better at interpreting them. In the light of this, we are introducing to you, the ‘’AWM TV ‘’and Films’’, a channel on the Website through which you can catch up visually with all our events, interviews, promos, documentaries and docu-series, etc.

To learn more about, and engage with our new segments, kindly visit

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