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STEM Women World Changers Symposium (SWWCS 2023)

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High-level Gathering of Leading STEM Women Who Solve Global Challenges

The Centre for Economic and Leadership Development, in collaboration with Amazons Watch Magazine, is bringing together women scientists, technologists, engineers, mathematicians, researchers, innovators and politicians invested in STEM for the maiden edition of the STEM Women World Changers Symposium (SWWCS) 2023 scheduled to be launched on March 29, 2023 (London GMT+1) via Zoom, in commemoration of the 2023 International Women’s Day celebrations.

With the Theme: Prioritizing Gender equality & Sustainability as Pathways to addressing Global Challenges across STEM fields, the SWWCS platform aims to highlight the crucial role women in STEM play in addressing global sustainability challenges. This objective will be achieved by bringing together seasoned STEM women in academia and professional practice to share novel ideas, including their development of inventions, products, tools, and technological advances that provide better solutions to global sustainability challenges and how these impact on addressing sustainability.

As the world celebrates International Women’s Day in the month of March, the organizers of SWWCS 2023 have set aside March 29 for the esteemed multi-disciplinary and international attendees to discuss the impact of gender inequality in STEM fields, especially in the face of the current widening economic and social disparities globally. Taking advantage of technological advancement to bring STEM experts together without the constraints of time and space, this year, the symposium, which will be launched during this maiden edition, will be held virtually via Zoom. Therefore, the event will be streamed live and accessed by all interested participants.

Other aims of SWWCS 2023 include to:

  1. Discuss innovations on equitable community development and how international development and policy institutions could benefit the work of women in/for STEM
  2. Seek and create opportunities for future collaborations across public and private sectors to generate solutions-oriented and results-focused projects grounded in actionable research that will deliver maximum impact to society.
  3. Improve gender equality and sustainability practices in these fields to generate better solutions to global challenges.
  4. Spark the interest of more young girls and women to embrace STEM fields, especially those from Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME) and underrepresented communities.

In the words of the convener and Executive Director of the Centre for Economic & Leadership Development, Dr Mrs Ibifuro Ken-Giami, “the contributions of women to global sustainable development cannot be overemphasized, especially in the face of the numerous emerging global sustainability problems.  There is a notable lack of sufficient contributions of the female gender to such sustainability challenges, including catastrophic pandemics, war, poverty, and hunger across every nation of the world, both in developed or developing nations, as a result of the global recession and devastating climate change challenges in diverse magnitudes across the globe. Hence, it has been suggested that to produce creative solutions to these problems, engaging diversity of thoughts and perspectives has become paramount. It is therefore evident that now more than ever, the world should listen and pay attention to the amazing contributions of leading Women for STEM who are passionate about solving global challenges.”

Furthermore, Dr Mrs Ken-Giami conveyed her anticipation for this launch of the STEM Women World Changers Symposium (SWWCS 2023) to result in the birth of a renowned platform were women who change the world through their novel creations come together to showcase diverse solutions to the world’s greatest problems for the benefit of both current and future generations. Most importantly, the symposium hopes to inspire young women and girls to take advantage of the possibilities and opportunities to thrive and make an impact through STEM careers.”

To participate in the STEM Women World Changers Symposium (SWWCS 2023) and join us as we highlight women’s crucial roles in STEM and in addressing global sustainability challenges, register here –

For more information about the GWISS 2023 – Virtual, kindly contact the organisers at or call +44 7471 06 6570.

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