By Eloke-Young Splendor

Mothers generally want to raise children who are innovative, inquisitive as well as eager to showcase smart problem-solving skills. We live in an economy where businesses especially small-scale businesses have become the driving wheel for economic advancements, this therefore gives rise to the need to raise kids who are always willing to use their heads or rather explore advantageous entrepreneurial opportunities.

Some months ago, while doing my weekend shopping in a mall, I overheard the discussion between a mom and her teen daughter who seemed interested in having one of the talking Barbie dolls on the shelf. She began by asking her mom how much one of the dolls cost, Mrs Taylor replied in a soft tone “it cost just $120, and I would not be able to afford that for now because we still have a long list here to attend to.”  The girl’s next statement could tell anyone listening that her mom had sparked up a desire in her to make money. She asked, how I can make money mom, I want to be able to buy stuff that I need.

The thought of teaching a 10-year-old about entrepreneurship might not have crossed the mind of so many mothers especially because some of them think they are still too young and at the same time might not need it at their age. Nevertheless, if we intend to continually sustain a generation that offers solutions to the countless problems in the world, then we must be willing to raise children who will be financially independent through the discovery of witty inventions that give answers to the needs in the world. Teaching kids about entrepreneurship means giving them an avenue to use their head and become more creative. This will help them adapt early to the reality of being independent and responsible, skills they need for a confident, happy, and adventurous life.

The natural attributes that are associated with kids make them suitable to learn about the needful entrepreneurial skills that call for outstanding achievements in business. Considering that children are more intuitive and inquisitive, the possibility of kids becoming great entrepreneurs is somehow unavoidable. One great way to teach kids to use their head is by encouraging them to conceptualize good problem solving mechanisms that empower them to be problem-solving agents in the labour market.  Observing the life of a young child, you will realize that when a child is faced with a problem; a good example is watching a child whose toy car accidentally just got broken, watching the child you will realize he never wants to accept that this toy is unrepairable, he will keep making efforts to fix it even though it might cost him shedding tears. This shows that kids can be persistent at getting what they really want and, persistence is one of the vital and indispensable attributes of an entrepreneur.

Most parents are afraid of introducing their kids to the idea of being entrepreneurs but I think what can fade off this fear is the fact that parents must recognize that teaching child entrepreneurship, does not completely fade out the school system. Teaching children entrepreneurship at an early stage exposes them to the need to be responsible, self-reliant and also helps them realize they have a task to contribute their own quota to the society.  

As a parent of a 10-year-old, you might be wondering how to help such a tender child understand entrepreneurship and the value it offers. Take a deep breath, and admit that the journey of raising a young entrepreneur is not as hard as you think, you can also try out these few tips.

Here are a few ways to Instill entrepreneurship in a child.

  1. Educate them on Financial literacy by teaching about the importance of savings and investments.
  2. Help your kids recognize that the world around them is full of business opportunities, and finding them just requires some careful observation, self-drive and creativity.
  3. Make them realize they can turn their passion to a business venture. If your child loves animals, you can explore buying her a horse and have her ride the children in the neighbourhood for a small fee.
  4. Encourage them to learn even while they fail. It is true that school teaches children that failure is bad but in order to raise a successful entrepreneur, you must help the child realize failure is not entirely bad since it helps us learn from our mistakes.
  5. Let them practice the act of sticking to plans. Successful entrepreneurs are those who have learnt how to take the right steps at the right time.

As important as it is to raise children who will become successful entrepreneurs, you must also make sure not to push too hard on the child especially when you discover she has no passion for entrepreneurship or business. Therefore, as a sensitive mother, you must bear in mind that children succeed easily and better when they follow their path of interest.

Research has proven that children possess the highly creative ability as well a quick learning capacity, why not explore these by offering them an express opportunity to use their head, perhaps they may be able to create shocking innovations.  

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