By Eloke- Young Splendor

Birthdays are one of the most exciting experiences for children; most kids will even blow off the roof on their birthday if they are given the chance to. Parents also share this excitement as they are always full of joy, knowing their little babies are gradually growing and will soon be adults.

As kids get older, it is necessary to make their birthday celebration more impactful, rather than just a party. Wise parents must realize that every new year in their child’s life is very significant, and how it is celebrated is often an opportunity to teach the child some vital life lessons. It is no doubt that parents derive their joy from seeing their children happy; this proves the wise saying that “Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.” This may account for the reason why every parent desire to give their children a birthday experience that leaves them not only ecstatic but forever grateful.

Growing up, I have seen birthdays consist of eating, drinking, playing with friends and receiving gifts from people, but am sure there could be more significant ways to celebrate your child’s new age thereby leaving them with lessons that last all their lifetime.  Have you ever felt worked up while trying to figure out better and more fulfilling ways to celebrate your daughters 9th year birthday?

Here are a few impactful ways to celebrate your kids’ birthday:

  • Explore Charity: Making your child’s birth date a day to put smiles on the faces of less privileged children will make her grateful for the resources she has been lavished with during the past few years of her life. Organizing a birthday giving project for your daughter’s 5th year birthday gives her an opportunity to learn empathy by helping others. Experiments have shown that children learn better by example, therefore, a great way to inculcate in your kids, the habit of giving is by helping them practice the act of giving on their best day – birthday.  Exploring Charity as a way to celebrate your daughter’s birthday will teach her the importance of giving back even at times where moments are seemingly all about her.
  • Practice Healthy Eating: Birthday celebrations are so exciting that we are often lured to put aside the rules of good health. Never forget that although your little daughter’s birthday is once a year; it is also a celebration life and good health. Do not put the health of your child at risk; due to unnecessary excitement. There are quite a number of healthy eating practices that can help give your child a fun filled and healthy birthday experience. You could consider preparing healthy goody bags, instead of stuffing treat bags with sugary candy, opt for something nutritious like a granola bar, pretzels or a piece of fruit. You could include fun art supplies or consider using books in lieu of the standard goody bag. Sticking to healthy eating habits on your child’s birthday shows how disciplined you are and it helps her prioritize the benefits of eating healthy.  
  • Attach a Positive name to their new age:  In the lives of children, adding a new age comes with numerous feelings which may include joy, anxiety, curiosity or even fear but one of the ways to eliminate any negative feeling that might come with clocking a new age is by helping kids reflect on a positive meaning of their new age.  
  • Teach them Appreciation:  A child’s birthday is the best time to make her remember the things that she is grateful for. In addition, to the joy that surrounds your child’s birthday, it will be lovely if you tell her to say thank you to at least four people in her life who assists her with some of her daily routines like making breakfast, preparing for school, assisting with take-home assignments and project.
  • Be intentional about the birthday gift: Realizing the importance of each new year will help you decide the kind of gifts to give to your child on her birthday. Parents who want their children to have an impactful birthday celebration do not just give them gifts for the fun of it. Let the gifts you give your child on her birthday be in line with her goals for the new year. If your desire is that your daughter who is clocking 14 in two days, learns a new skill of jewellery making, then you might consider bead-making items as a birthday gift items.

Instead of making your child have birthday celebrations that go out of control, why not consider making her day a focused and impactful one.

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