Cartoons are simple drawings showing the features of its subjects in humorously exaggerated ways; a narrative sequence of humorous drawings in a comic, magazine, newspaper etc., or a film created, using animation techniques to photograph a sequence of drawings rather than real people or objects.

They can generally be described as diagrammatic portrayals of stories or issues that the cartoonist wishes to express. Cartoons are a prominent feature in children’s entertainment life; several types of research have shown that cartoons have a positive impact on children’s literacy. Kids often watch and are fond of cartoons for many reasons. Between the ages of 3 to 9, kids usually have a lot of curiosity, a growing mind, and an ability to learn fast, by observing things. This is the reason cartoons have a positive effect on children’s minds.

Children watch cartoons because they have a curious mind and are always looking to occupy their mind and to learn something new. The cartoon’s voices, dresses, features and activities tend to interest and entertain their curious minds, making them fall in love with the cartoon characters. Children consider watching a cartoon show or movie an imaginary world, full of entertainment.

Cartoons are, however, only imaginary animated characters but a kid does not have enough mature minds to understand that. Therefore, watching cartoon consistently places an effect on their minds and definitely affects their behaviour. Doctors and psychological experts always suggest parents allow kids to watch cartoons. Here are some of the positive effects of cartoon on children’s minds extracted from Cartoon District, which will definitely make a kid a better and more intelligent person.




  1. Helpful in exploring and observing:

Of course, cartoon characters are fictional and their lives and actions do not really exist, but apart from that; the message and intention hidden behind every cartoon character are based on reality and facts of life. And no one can deny that kids can learn a lot from cartoons. The curiosity and excitement of observing everything in cartoon characters and episodes let a kid observe new things and surroundings. This is how kids can explore real-world via imaginary world. At least a cartoon might help them to spark up the curiosity of knowing all aspects of real life.

  1. Making the kid an active and genius:

Many cartoon characters are students and own decent personality as idol daughter or son. If you have seen the Dexter cartoon character from Dexter’s laboratory then you might wish your own genius kid just like him. He is a scientist and always seeks to discover new inventions. So, if a kid loves to watch this genius boy on television consequently he/she want to become active and smart like Dexter of course. The fact is what a kid observes by seeing makes an impact on his/her mind.

  1. Helpful in maintaining good health:

Cartoons make us laugh by their activities and doing creepy things. This is the reason why kids love to watch cartoons. And research says laughing keeps you healthy as it’s kind of exercise which regulate blood circulation as well. That’s one of the greatest aspects of watching cartoons and having a laughter dose makes you healthy. Yes, this is so true; various cartoon characters have good physique and are fitness freak as well. Like, Popeye the sailor man, he is the famous cartoon character who belongs to spinach as a source of power and energy. It is interesting to know that kids who did not eat spinach have changed their taste and now love to eat green vegetables. Well, that’s good news for parents, isn’t it?

  1. Helpful to overcome and reduce stress:

Who would have imagined that cartoon characters may reduce the possibilities of heart attack as these animated characters have spiralled up our life with happiness, humorous memories and scenes? Actually laughing keeps the production of endorphin in our body and that’s important for the heart and mind. Consequently, it keeps our body disease-free and also many more positive effects work on our health. In this hectic life, maybe everyone has various sources for reducing stress and watching cartoon characters is one of them.

  1. Helpful in visual learning and colours:

Scientifically it has been proven that our mind is more active when it comes to visual learning rather than other learning methods. That’s why many institutes suggest seminars and lectures as video tutorials. As a kid, the mind is blank and always welcomes whatever it observes and sees. Play schools also prefer visual classes for kids. And the same happens with cartoon characters, the point is, by watching cartoons as with beautiful animations, colours and other scenes, a kid can learn various things at one time. May be attractive colours enhance a kid to recognize colours differences and also let him/her use them by making drawings.

  1. Helpful in learning new things:

Kids usually don’t love to read books, as many books do not have anything interesting or funny according to them. But a child can easily catch the message by watching. That’s why nowadays schools prefer to teach a kid with video or animation. And entertainment with learning is a good combination to teach a kid. Many video games and play stations are also used for teaching kids by tutors.

  1. Watching cartoon make a kid more loyal:

In cartoons, there are families and friends. There a cartoon character is always loyal to its loved ones and always speak the truth. And if a child is watching such kid cartoon on television it will definitely affect the kid’s mind. It had been proven that a child starts learning to always speak the truth to parents.

  1. Watching cartoon enhances the talent of children:

Cartoons are usually dancing and singing in the show. And that’s the moment where a child
especially finds it more funny and interesting. And for a kid, this is a new unusual thing to learn and they are in learning period of life. Finally by watching their favourite cartoon singing or dancing kids also try dancing and singing in the same way.

  1. Watching cartoon tends children to respect their parents and elders:

Kids actually learn by watching cartoons shows. As their hero or favourite character behaves respectfully with his family, this tends a kid to do it in the same way. The child starts giving respect to elder brother and sisters in the family. In other words, we can say that child is making his/her behaviour good and appreciable.

  1. A child can learn a language by watching cartoon:

One of the most effective and positive effects is that children learn not only the mother tongue but also the foreign language. Many of cartoon series are in different languages as depend on the country where the show has to be aired. This enhances the learning of language a child and causes to speak in a proper way.


Parents should have to decide the cartoon show for their children:
Actually it is the parent’s responsibility to decide the cartoon. No offence, but as elders know that cartoon character is just an imaginary anime. But children do not have any idea that there is no real spider man who can jump overbuilding or there is no superman with supernatural powers. Important and suggested by children’s psychological behaviour experts recommend to parents for deciding the cartoon show for kids.

A child has a blank mind and at this stage, the child starts learning by observing what is going around. At this age, they can’t differentiate the good and bad things. They always accept what they see and also follow that. Parents should have to spend some time with their children by sitting with and watching a cartoon. And also care about what would be the effect of cartoons on children’s mind. This will let you know the observation level of children and also improving the bonding with them. Children have a soft kind heart with an innocent mind full of honesty just need to give them a direction.

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