While it can be tempting to give your children the kind of treatment they demand of you, the number of women who have been left heartbroken by their children’s inability to handle life’s challenges makes it easier to acknowledge the fact that this is not the way to go.

This article was inspired by an article written titled “How to Ruin Your Teens for Life” which was written by Tricia Goyer where she pointed out the seemingly little things people do to ruin their children’s life – without even knowing it.

So as a woman who is directly involved with your child, how do you ensure your teen is adequately prepared for the future?

  1. Model a Life of Integrity and Character.

Children learn by example. Don’t just tell your children what you expect of them, exemplify it. Let them see you keep your promises both to them and to other people. When you make a promise, be sure to fulfil it. Don’t make comments to threaten or compel them to do certain things when you know you cannot fulfil it. For example; don’t threaten to leave them behind at the mall if you won’t – they’ll not only learn to take your instructions lightly but they’ll think it’s okay to say what you do not intend to follow through in order to get what you want.

  1. Share Your Humanity with Them.

Most women and parents generally tend to hide their mistakes from their children to appear perfect before them. What they do not know, however, is that this attitude is doing more harm to the children than good. Sharing your life with your children in a very open manner will help them to come to accept mistakes as a learning process. It will give them the courage to strive to grow beyond them and still make the most of their lives rather than camp around the wrong choice.

  1. Make Your Teens Take Up a Job

The idea here is not for them to take care of themselves as teenagers but to teach them the place of work as a means for survival. This is also necessary to inculcate acceptable work ethics into them starting at an early age, while preparing them for future responsibilities. This will not only prepare them to be responsible adults but it will also enable them to take the subject of money more seriously.

  1. Talk to your teens about sex and purity

As a mother, you are a very important voice in the life of your children. If you don’t talk to your teens about sex and the need for sexual purity, you can be sure someone else would. Maybe their peers at school or the media but you can be sure someone else will. Save yourself the trouble and teach them yourself. That way, they can always come back to you for clarity when in doubt.

  1. Enforce compliance with your beliefs.

Teenagers want to have a degree of control over their own lives because they think they already know what they want but if you want your teens to be prepared for the future, be sure to enforce compliance on belief systems.  Don’t worry about appearing like a difficult mother, it’s just a matter of time before they’ll come back and appreciate you for keeping them on track.

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