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Cloud Baby Monitor – Makes Parenting Easier

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By Walcott Aganu

Parenthood is one of the most challenging journeys ever, which is why many parents go through unspeakable stress in order to raise happy, healthy, and well-balanced children. Back in the day, there were very few resources that parents could use in order to make their experience easier, so many of them had to rely on babysitters, daycare and relatives if they wanted to get some load off of their backs. Nowadays, thanks to technology, things are definitely better, especially for mothers, because having immediate aid in your pocket can definitely lower the stress and improve the child-rearing journey.

One of those innovations making it easy for mums is the cloud baby monitor. Baby alarms were the only thing that could let parents know that their child is awake and in need of attention, but in this day and age, using Cloud baby monitor can allow parents some time off, while still giving them a chance to watch over their bundle of joy during sleep. Equipped with useful features such as noise and motion alerts, music and two-way video talk, this app is a true powerhouse tool if you need to be sure that your child is safe in their crib.

This is a very handy tool if you, for whatever reason, need to step out of the house in an emergency situation and are unable to take your baby with you, or you simply wish to use it when you take some downtime while your baby sleeps.

More Than Just A Baby Monitor

It works by using two devices that are connected together using WiFi, 3G, LTE, or Bluetooth, making it a useful Bluetooth monitor app that allows you to monitor your child even if you are at a distance.

Use your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or a Mac as a child unit, place it in your baby’s room, and enjoy the live full-screen video and clear audio on your second device working as a parent unit. With this cloud baby monitor app, both devices will be connected automatically, without any configuration.

This app also has some very cool features such as night vision and brightness control to see your baby without waking him or her, playing lullabies or relaxation tracks to help your baby sleep, and the option to speak with your baby over the device if you wish, making it a perfect app for you if you are trying to get your child to sleep in his or her own room.

You can watch a live full-screen video of your baby with no distance limitation. Cloud Baby Monitor is the app for monitoring your baby that works on any Wi-Fi network, over 3G, LTE or via Bluetooth.


NOTE: The app functions on both iOS and android


Subscription Options

When you first open up the app, you will need to choose from three subscription options: Unlimited Range, Multi-Child, and Multi Parent. Each subscription includes a free trial period but requires purchasing.

The Unlimited Range option includes live audio as well as video feed using WiFi, 3G or LTE, enabling you to monitor your baby even when you are connected to a network outside of your home WiFi. If you wish to monitor your baby from outside your house or in a place where WiFi networks are overlapping and complicated, for instance, in a large hotel, then this is the appropriate option.

The Multi-Child subscription lets you monitor two children from a single parent device, while the Multi Parent subscription lets both parents connect with their baby from anywhere. Both of these features are in addition to the Unlimited Range features.

What set it aside from other apps?

See, hear, and talk to your baby no matter where you are

Choose a multi-child or multi-parent subscription for optimal monitoring

Control the brightness and enable night vision to see your baby clearly

Final Words

I will reiterate that Cloud Baby Monitor is not only an amazing baby monitor which works from anywhere, but it is also the ideal app to help your child transition into sleeping in his or her own room. If you are in need of either of those two functions, then it is definitely worth the purchase.

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