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5 Smart Plans that Create a Balanced Summer Experience for Mom and Kids

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Eloke-Young Splendor

As the summer breaks rush in, there is a tendency for mothers to have butterflies in their stomach. This is true considering how much summer provide the kids and their mom with a break from the school routine of homework, class projects, fundraisers and school lunches. Nevertheless, this does not remove the summer stress that also tags along.

No matter how annoying and boring routines might be to humans, routines still stand out as the king who helps us organize and co-ordinate the human life, hereby preventing many individuals from engaging in useless activities that put their life in Chaos.

With kids having to spend 2 months off from school, parents often find themselves combating with the unimaginable kids’ commotion that sets in all too quickly. Commotion such as sibling spats can lead to tension and bickering which snatches away the peace of the entire household. 

 Houses often seem as though a tornado has hit and the door seems to constantly be swinging as kids run in and out grabbing another cookie, juice box, toy or visiting the potty once again. Taking care of kids during summer can become a horrible nightmare for most mothers especially when proper plans for summer are not drafted out.  Notwithstanding the holiday should not be short-lived or even totally wiped away in the bid to keep the children, organized, calm and ultimately useful for the little that is needed to be done.  

Proactive mums have found out as well as adopted a few smart plans that could provide a memorable and enjoyable summer experience for both mom and her kids. In the bid for mothers to reduce the stress they might experience during summer, there is no need to send off the children to an insecure environment in the name of summer camp or sleepovers, just to create a serene atmosphere for yourself and your highly time-demanding job. 

Below are 5 smart plans that can create a balanced, memorable and enjoyable summer experience for both mothers and kids:

  1. Alone Time’ Should Never Be Found Missing on the Daily Schedule: The stress that comes with summer cannot be totally eradicated but it can be reduced to the barest minimum, especially when you begin to make the best use of alone times. Since arguments and fighting will not cease amongst children especially in situations where siblings are together, scheduling an alone time of probably about 15minutes every day will definitely provide mothers as well as the whole family a quiet time to engage in productive activities without any disturbance. Alone time can be achieved by allowing each child to engage in various activity alone. It could also be tagged as allowing the children to enjoy their own company.
  2. Reduce Your Commitments to Suit Your Available Time:  During summer holidays, kids will demand a whole lot of things that if not properly examined with the lens of necessity, these demands might create a great source of stress for their mothers.  Your thirteen-year-old might want her friends to come home for a sleepover, your nine-year-old son might want you to throw him a birthday party, while your Four-year-old daughter could request for a visit to the cinema to watch her favourite movie. With these entire request screaming at your face, you must bear in mind that the more you take on, the more stressful your summer becomes. When it comes to summertime commitments, you should keep them to a minimum. To enjoy a balanced summer, your commitments should suit your available time. Don’t promise your kids more than you can take on, because trust me; they can never forget those commitments you made.
  1. Create the Location for the Family Vacation:  Family vacation means a whole lot to children during summer and where to spend a family vacation can pose as a huge source of stress to mothers during summer. Rather than get worked up about where to spend the family vacation, you could decide to build your own location at home. Mothers and their kids can still have fun during the summer by building a mini-vacation that takes place at home. This makes the summer break less expensive, without the financial burden of travelling and staying in hotels. With less money, you and the rest of the family can have enough fun to share.
  2. Never Underrate the need to plan meals:  Handling family meals during summer may not be as easy as it was prior to the summer period. In order to effectively manage the stress that comes with preparing the family meals, you need to plan the meals while putting vital nutrients into consideration. Too much sugar and other unhealthy foods make kids more hyperactive, which also make moms a little crazy too, therefore having a meal plan should never be left out during summer.
  3. Get the Kids Engaged: House chores getting tripled during summer is not a new experience, it happens every now and then. During summer, it is expected that you will have more dirty laundry, more used dishes, and more eaten food since the kids are hanging around the house. Regardless of this, one of the best ways to keep your house in order and your stress way down is to designate age-appropriate chores for your kids to perform every day. This will keep them much more engaged as well as help you reduce your stress. Also, spice up the chores with fun, you could introduce a song or match steps to be performed while working.

Applying these five smart plans this summer will definitely relieve you of the usual fears and stress that accompany the summer periods. The kids can keep enjoying themselves while you rest and smile. 

This summer can be a summer for all and not just for the kids.  

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