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Be Your Own Lover and Write Yourself a Love Letter

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By Aditi Maheshwari

To every woman this is for you:

You are not always the best at expressing yourself to others because it entraps you into a feeling of guilt for outperforming or not-performing or simply for compromising on things you know you should not have. But I want you to give yourself a chance to see who you truly are. There is something incredible inside you wanting to be acknowledged by you – only you. Nobody has the power to see you the way you see yourself, so do not let this incredible authority go unravished. I can promise you a truly rewarding experience when you actually exercise this simple and readily available opportunity to unleash your true self. 

Lift yourself out of the crowd’s blindfolded opinions of you and others. For once at the least give yourself a reasonable opportunity to know yourself better. Wherever the secret that are buried in your heart, spill it out on the paper like landmarks to a treasure. Do not be scared to start, remember you are your own true companion for life; others are simply a reflection of your inner world. If you shake off who you truly are, you will never be happy and satisfied even after having it all.

Love letters have always been a magical and heartfelt experience shared by lovers. Be your own lover and write a love letter to yourself. Acknowledge your true essence. With a mixture of humor, scathing honesty and tenderness and the simplicity of bursting-at-the-seams dreams that cradles so many desires and passions, surprise yourself with the authenticity required to live your true self. You will eventually see the underlying courage to be executed to attain limitless freedom of expression and authority.

You can know the characters that you are interested in, the moments you want to explore, places you want to go, things you want to learn, people you want to meet, themes you want to deal with, music you want to make, songs you want to sing, dances you want to dance, basically you will greet yourself at your own door. You will love yourself once again.

Give your heart back to itself. Peel your own mask. Feel long across those words, make sure they are real. A true love letter will ignite a process of transformation within you. It will drive you to live an authentic life where you enjoy feeling liberated and happy being yourself.

Love letters are a lost art in today’s time of instant messaging and emails, yet there is a special power when you write on paper in your own handwriting. It not only clears the clutter of the mind but builds a special understanding of things as well. You do not need to be formally inventive or intellectually expansive when writing to yourself. The mere simplicity is rewarding and exhilarating. Moreover, when we write things down, we increase the chances of achieving them. You can re-read them numerous no. of times and it will act as a reminder to make decisions based on self-love and not manipulation of your true self.

Remember, you do not need to be hard on yourself in the process, gift yourself forgiveness of always keeping others desires and needs before your own, gift yourself forgiveness for the time wasted, gift yourself the time to make the transformation- it will not happen overnight, gift yourself the grace of making mistakes in the process, gift yourself the wings to fly again- this time higher than before, gift yourself the honor of individuality, gift yourself the freedom of coming out of your cocoon.

You will soon discover your self-worth and what you are truly deserving of. You will realize what makes you unique. You will set healthy boundaries while dealing with others. You will start to nourish yourself better. You will start taking care of yourself. And slowly and steadily your new vibe will attract only the best of things, people and circumstances to you. So empower yourself by walking through the doors you once prayed would open.

Happy International Women’s Day

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