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Pregnant women are among the most vulnerable groups affected by the pandemic in terms of limited access in the care they receive from clinics and medical personnel. This is as a result of all the measures put in place by authorities to curb and stop the spread of COVID-19.

In an effort to help fill the gap, PulseNmore, an Israeli firm has invented a new device for pregnant women, a handheld tele-ultrasound device that allows them to perform ultrasound exams themselves and share the results immediately with their sonographers or physicians to get feedback, thereby limiting the need for hospital and doctor visits during COVID-19 and beyond.

Pregnant women panic and worry when they miss the fetal movements from the baby in their womb and are also prone to anxiety over their baby’s development.  Every pregnant woman deserves to know about the well-being of the baby growing in them. This new device will bring the connectivity of today’s world provided by digitalization to pregnant women and their fetus. Therefore, every pregnant woman can now see their fetus and connect with them periodically when the need arises. They are also privy to information and knowledge about their babies without having to visit the emergency room.

To help promote the innovation, Israel’s largest HMO, Clalit Health Services, with over 4 million members, recently signed a contract with PulseNmore to provide tens of thousands of the device to pregnant women under its management.

How it works

The device is a dock for a smartphone and is comprised of a polymeric cradle with an ultrasound scanning element embedded in the bottom. When the smartphone is inserted to the device, it automatically starts the scan as the cradle is placed on the expecting mother’s abdomen. Once the device is placed on the abdomen, a clear image of the fetus instantly displays on the phone screen allowing the mother to see the movement of the fetus. Data of the scan is further sent to a cloud for deep analysis, making it available for real-time inspection by the expectant mother’s obstetrician.

To help mothers get acquainted with the device, an app is provided on the smartphone for training and guidance so that a scan is performed to achieve high-quality results.

Benefits of the device to pregnant women

  1. The Covid-19 pandemic has kept pregnant women away from medical centres, leading to irregular medical check-ups which have become the order of the day. However, with this new innovation, pregnant women can keep to their medical appointment at home, reducing their risk of contracting the virus. With this handy development, women are able to check themselves periodically, thus reducing the rate of miscarriages. 
  2. Generally, technology reduces stress and saves time. Therefore, the women will not have to stress themselves by journeying to the medical centres except for emergencies and when it is required. 
  3. The device may also guarantee safety for mothers and fetus as the ultrasounds help them to detect dangers early.

About PulseNmore

PulseNmore is an emerging leader in connected at-home ultrasound, delivering convenience and efficiency beyond traditional in-facility imaging. Following the release of the handheld ultrasound scanner, the inventors are hopeful that clinicians will be able to provide optimal care for their patients, thereby reducing their chances of contracting the virus and also safety for their patients.

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