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HeraBEAT: Tracking Your Baby Heart Beat At Home

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By Walcott Aganu

Listening to the heart sounds of an unborn baby upon a visit to the doctor’s office is one of the most magical moments for parents to be. What if you could do that in the comfort of your home? What if you could avoid anxious phone calls or hospital visits by having a digital device at hand? The HeraBEAT fetal heart monitor promises peace of mind for both the expecting mother and her family.

You can hear and track your baby’s heartbeat with medical-grade, high safety fetal heart rate monitoring. From the comfort of your home, you can share the results with your physician and loved ones via the easy to use HeraBEAT dedicated smartphone application. Have peace of mind and certainty without unnecessary risks.

HeraBEAT is a medical-grade fetal heart rate monitor, developed to give you the ability to hear and track your baby’s heartbeat independently from home, and functions as a fetal doppler. By using the HeraBEAT baby doppler, you can put your mind at ease and connect to your baby by listening to their heartbeat, whilst also avoiding unnecessary trips to the hospital. The ability to distinguish between what does not require extra medical assistance and what does, is worth plenty, especially at these complex times, when pregnant women are currently recommended to avoid too much exposure or physical contact.

Key Features

  • Noise Cancellation: HeraBEAT uses unique algorithms that eliminate all background noises, allowing you to connect to a crystal clear sound of your baby’s heartbeat.
  • Smart Detection: Using multi-sensor technology HeraBEAT automatically separates between fetal and maternal heartbeats giving the most accurate results.
  • Wide-Beam Ultrasound: HeraBEAT is designed as the widest ultrasound beam for you to easily find your baby’s heart rate signals.
  • Motion Detection Sensors: Optimize the user experience, guiding you to get a precise reading of your baby’s heartbeat.
  • Hypersensitive Ultrasound: Developed with the most advanced technology to capture even the most subtle signals, allowing you to measure your baby’s heart rate from the early stages of the pregnancy.
  • Wireless Connectivity: HeraBEAT offers hassle-free pairing by seamlessly connecting to your smartphone using the latest Bluetooth Low Energy technology.
  • Supporting App: HeraBEAT comes with our supporting app that helps find and track your baby’s heartbeat. With step-by-step guidance, you can keep and even share the measurements with friends and family.

How it works

Pregnancy monitoring is vital when it comes to the well-being of both mother and baby. HeraBEAT uses professional ultrasound Doppler technology, which is standard practice in medical facilities worldwide and is known for its accuracy, reliability, and safety. It comes with both medical technology and a user-friendly approach to make the device portable and easy to use at home. HeraBEAT unique user interface and designated application use the most advanced medical approach. It makes finding and tracking your baby’s heartbeat simple and with its creative search technology you can hear and record your baby’s heartbeat within minutes.

A step by step visual guide helping you to place and manoeuvre the device in order to find your baby’s heartbeat. Use advanced mode to conduct the search independently once you’re familiar with the positioning of the device on your bump.

You’ll have no disturbances of other noises whilst listening to your baby’s heartbeat. Our noise cancellation technology finds and eliminates all background sounds (fetus movement, abdominal sounds, and device movements) to give you a crystal clear sound of only your baby’s heartbeat.

A summary screen is created upon ending a measurement showing the average fetal heart rate and measurement duration allowing you to track and monitor this important data. The device uses hospital-grade sensors and technology to provide the most accurate results.

At the end of each measurement HeraBEAT also allows you to share your data and recordings with the click of a button; so that you and your doctor could discuss the results in real-time, from home and decide on how to proceed.  You can also share your experience with family members or friends thus allowing them to be involved.

HeraBEAT records and saves the measurements each time you find and hear your baby’s heartbeat. This gives you not only the memorable sound to replay at any time, but also a history of all your measurements should you need them. Measurements of your baby’s heartbeat may be useful for your care provider.

Pregnancy is an exciting time, but it’s also a worrisome one. So many things can go wrong, although in most cases the concerns of new parents will turn out to be unfounded; but the anxiety, stress and inconvenience is a big challenge. With HeraBEAT you can now relax and hear your baby heartbeat at the comfort of your home. Sounds great yeah!! No need to hop from one medical appointment to the next.

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