Yolanda Holder


The phrase woman of colour is a term used to describe a group of women who belong to a racial group, not categorized as white.

This form of description originated in 1977 following a movement by a group of Black women from Washington D. C. at the Houston National Women’s Conference. They carried to the conference a document called the Black woman’s agenda because they felt that they should be adequately represented and included in the conference. On getting there however, the rest of the minority women of colour wanted to be included in the Black Women’s agenda; and in those negotiations, it was agreed that it should no longer be called the Black woman’s agenda and the term Woman of Colour was created. The term describing Asian, Black, African-American and other nonwhite racial groups is often used as a solidarity definition and a commitment to work in collaboration with other oppressed women of colour, who have been minoritized.


Since then there has been various advocacy groups, networks and movements of Women of Colour across continents, working together in advocacy groups to dialogue, network, organize, and obtain resources to support their efforts and address their unique challenges. Some of these movements have allowed and encouraged these marginalized women of colour, the opportunity to become change makers in their different walks of life.

Here, at the Amazons Watch Magazine, the term- Women of Colour, describes a woman who, amidst various barriers, revealed in different dimensions in different stages of her life, yet breaks through to become a woman to be reckoned with.

One of such amazing women is a remarkable woman of colour that has broken through barriers of marginalization and emerged a change maker in the field of sports- Yolanda Holder. A loving mother of two children and a devoted wife, Yolanda is a two time Guinness World Record holder. She was enlisted for “Most Marathons Completed in a Calendar Year” in the year 2010 for 106 marathon/ultras at age 52 and breaking her own record in 2012 she completed 120 marathon/ultras.

Yolanda lost both her parents to diabetes complications. Having seen her parents suffer from the disease and being considered in high risk of diabetes, she came up with a motto: “20 minutes a day helps keep the doctor away.” Specialists say 20 minutes of daily exercise lowers every disease. She chose to walk. Waking up to challenge herself on her 50th birthday, Yolanda set out to complete 50 marathons in 50 weeks, beating her set goal to complete 65 she continued to finish 77 marathons in 2009. Realizing her potential, she contacted Guinness and inquired about the existing title holder for Most Marathons Run in a Calendar Year by a woman. She was informed that the title was being held by an Italian lady who ran 100 marathons in 2002; armed with the information, Yolanda set out to beat the existing record making her the first African American to walk or run over 100 marathons in a calendar year and the first woman in the world to ever do it twice.

Dubbed The Walking Diva, Yolanda has completed over 4,390 miles and has participated in Ultra Marathon World Championships.


In 2015, she founded an annual event “Extreme Walk 4 Diabetes” in honor of her parents, and to inspire and motivate everyone to take care of their heath. In an interview by Empowering Woman she says that she had set out to beat her initial record of 106 marathon/ultras with a target of 115. She however went beyond her set target to do 120 marathon/ultras. If she could exceed her dreams after age 50, we all can do it. “I could not have done it without a DEADLINE” she says.

Let’s get going ladies; never give up on your dreams!



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