Susana Edjang is an African woman who is determined to better the health of many, as she makes tremendous impact in global health issues. She was born in Equatorial Guinea in the late 70’s but later grew up in Spain. Edjang currently resides in London where she began her career.  She is a physiotherapist and a development economist.

Edjang is an international development, global health and policy expert, who is presently using her knowledge as an officer at the United Nations to improve the health of women and children around the globe. She was a parliamentary advisor on global health and climate change at the United Kingdom parliament. Her position empowered her to change the status quo of the health status in Africa by promoting partnerships for mutual benefits between United Kingdom health institutions and their counterparts in Africa and Asia. This mission propelled her to become a co-founder of the Zambia – UK workforce alliance in 2011.

Susana worked at THET, where she was the health links manager in charge of supporting and promoting institutional health partnerships across the U K’s health and development organization. She currently works for the secretary general of the United Nations (U.N) at his economic, social and development unit where her job focuses on galvanizing action toward the health-related millennium development goals.

Susana Edjang is also a programme manager of Zambia U K health workforce alliance.  This workforce is a growing network of 45 Zambian and U K health organizations that support health initiatives in Zambia.

She has made giants strides in world health issues which have placed on global economic platforms and also won her various accolades. She was a winner of the 2015 inspirational women of the year award. Her leadership capacity her also gave her a place on the governing council of a pan – African network of emerging leaders on health.  Susana Edjang is a member of the council of the Royal African Society and a 2014 Yale world fellow. As a woman with distinct excellent abilities, she serves as a trustee of progression, an INGO engaged in civil society development in 11 countries around the world.  She is embedded with tremendous problem-solving skills as she is a co-author of “working in International Health” a unique guide which helps professionals overseas to work.

The success story of Susana Edjang displays the “never-give-up” spirit that can be found in many African women, who continue to walk the length and breadth of life proffering solutions to perturbing world problems.

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