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“Make God your first, and everything will fall in place”, Shylette

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Every day there are thousands of individuals making a difference in their communities, and in the spirit of Amazons Watch Magazine, we enjoy shining the spotlight on the inspirational and impactful work of women in the grassroots that mostly go unnoticed. Each story has a unique stamp, effect and outcome. Shylette’s drive is one that will definitely leave a lasting memory which is why it was an honour to speak to her about her personal work and history.

Shylette Ngwenya is a 3rd-year medical student in Zimbabwe. She is the last born in a family of 8 and the first generation to go to university. Shylette appeared on our radar for her work with a small organization called Young People for Jesus. “We are concerned with sharing the word of God globally,” she explained, “but the work we do goes beyond that!”

Young People for Jesus was launched on the first of December 2018 when she and her peers had finished their high school exams. “I thought to myself, I am not doing anything now, so why don’t I start a fellowship group”. And thus, the group was formed. The group was made up of youths from different churches, and they continued to meet online all throughout the pandemic. The group grew through the years whilst she started her medical course. “So much happened in the years, and we continued to grow close as a group. It was only in 2021 that we decided to meet physically”. Shylette explained that this was when the plans of lending a hand actually came to play.

“As a group, we focus on vulnerable groups; orphans, street kids and children in rural areas. We donate clothes, stationery, covid packs and because we are not registered yet, we raise our own money and ask for donations.”  The first meet up she recalled was on the 21st of July 2021, and their first project was at Thembiso Children’s home, where they donated groceries and physically helped with the cleanup. From there, they visited schools, including an underdeveloped school, where they arranged some stuff that they needed using their own savings. “In December 2021, we bought groceries for a few families for Christmas, which was also very exciting.”

When we inquired how large the group was, we were astonished to learn that they were only a group of 25! “So many people ask me how I manage this organization and my medical degree, and I still fail to answer that question, but I try to organize.” She humbly exclaimed. In addition to their projects, she also runs seminars weekly for any students willing to attend in Harare. At these weekly seminars, Shylette organizes intellectual and well-learned guests to engage with the youths. These seminars would cover different topics of importance, including marriage, goal setting and time management.

Shylette volunteers at Doctors and Nurses on a Mission, Zimbabwe. In the last two years, she has been nominated for several youth leadership awards and recently won the Covid-19 frontline heroine award presented by the Ignite Youth Organization. Young People for Jesus have also collaborated with Lend a Hand, Touch the World, and Take education. She dreams of building a hospital alongside an orphanage in Binga as she strongly believes that charity should begin at home.

From her organization to all her projects and awards, Shylette has been incredibly proactive and exemplary. Every story is worth telling, and we enjoy celebrating youths making a difference.

“Everyone has a purpose, and putting God first will help you to realize that. Make God your first, and everything will fall in place,” Shylette Ngwenya.

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