In 1975, Brooklyn witnessed the birth of a heroin and a spectacular trailblazer. She was born as Ludmya Bourdeau but presently known as Mia Love.

Mia Love who happens to be the first black female Republican Party member to be elected into a US Congress was born on the 6th of December 1975 but was raised in Connecticut by her Haitian parents, Maxime and Marie Bourdeau.

She was raised with very little resources and had a humble childhood. She was the youngest of three children born to her Roman Catholic parents. When Mia’s parents migrated from Haiti to the US, things were a bit difficult because they got into the country with a tourist visa which only afforded them a temporary stay. At the birth of Mia, the couple got a permanent residue status based on the immigration law at that time that grants immigrants from the Western Hemisphere who had a child born in the United States stay.

Although the law expired in early 1976 the couple had already become naturalized citizens.

After graduating from the University of Hartford with a degree in fine arts in 1997, Mia worked as a flight attendant, and then she moved to Utah to stay with a friend. At Utah, she met Jason Love, whom she fell in love with and got married. They are blessed with three children.

Mia launched into politics in 2003 having been engaged in various community matters in Saratoga Springs, Utah her settlement.

Also, with a vast experience gathered in numerous leadership roles, where she proved herself worthy to handle issues between residents and the city’s bigger developers of Saratoga, the city found her most reliable and nominated her for the Saratoga Springs City Council in 2003. An idea birthed her neighbors and other supporters.

Mia successfully won the election making her the first Haitian-American to win an election in Utah County, Utah.

She resumed her government position in January 2004 but was faced with an economic decline which was affecting the city at the time. She pushed for a shift from the agriculture tax to municipal tax and urged that most budgets be decreased.

Mia joined forces with other city council members to ensure the deduction of all expenses; the deduction of budget reduced the City’s loses during the economic downturn from $3.5 million to $779,000.

After six years of service as a council member for Saratoga Springs City Council, she won the mayor’s seat winning her opponent Jeff Francom with 861 votes to 594.

She served as Mayor from January 2010 to January 2014, in her stead she was able to fight against natural disasters which hamper on the city.

Having lost an election for Republican Utah 4th congressional district to her opponent Jim Matheson by 768 votes out of 245,277 votes cast she participated in the re-run.

Fortunately, Jim Matheson announced his decision not to participate in the rematch. On April 26, 2014, during the Utah Republican Convention, Mia was announced the winner of the Republican nomination for the 4th congressional district with 78% members vote at the convention, making her the first the first black female Republican Party member in the U.S. Congress.

The 4th Congressional District of Utah held another election for the U.S. House of Representatives on November 8, 2016. Again, incumbent Mia Love defeated Doug Owens and Collin Simonsen (Constitution Party) in the general election. Love and Owens competed in the rematch of the 2014 race, in which Love defeated Owens by five percent.

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