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How Can I stop the Wardrobe Wars?

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2 hours to the scheduled time of the party, she had a long warm bath and took time with the ritual of her makeup and dressing. Her dad was meant to drop her off at her friend’s house and she did not want to keep him waiting for too long. As she walked out of her room to the sitting room, she could not help smiling at the image of herself she saw on the mirror. She was certain she will make a statement with her dress.

You’re wearing that?’’ Her dad blurts out as soon as she walks into the sitting room.

Yes dad, she replied, you like it?

Like what?’’ her dad retorted, almost repulsed at the thought of ever liking such an ‘’outrageous outfit’’. You can’t go out in that.

Why not? Sheba whines. This is what all the other girls are wearing; I want to make a statement too.

Well, I don’t like what it’s stating! ‘’ Dad shoots back.  ‘’Now go back to your room and change, young lady, or you’re not going anywhere!’’

Wardrobe wars like the just described scenario are common between teenage girls and their parents. Do not be surprised that your own parents even fought the same war with their parents, and probably felt the same way you are feeling now.

The issue of dressing and grooming causes one skirmish after another.

You call it comfortable, they call it sloppy.

You call it adorable, they call it provocative, you tell them it’s half price, they say it should be, as half of it is missing.

So how can you declare a cease fire when wardrobe wars arise?

You and your parents can reach a compromise.

Discuss your differences and brainstorm other options that your parents—and you—can be happy with. This can yield the following benefits;

  1. You’ll look your best, even to your peers.
  2. Your parents will be less critical of your dressing.
  3. Seeing your responsibility in this area can get them to give you more freedom.

Do you realize the first impression you make on people often depends on what you are wearing? An outrageous outfit might give you a momentary cool feeling, but it’s your inner beauty that will win the long-term respect of adults and your peers.

It will also be wise to get your parents input on your choice of dressing. You could think of stuffing a daring outfit into your backpack and changing into it at school or outside home, but that will be a recipe for more disaster if your parents ever get to find out. More so, they will lose all trust in you and you do not want that, do you? You will gain more trust and respect from your parents if you’re open and honest with them, even in things that you think you could get away with.

You might feel your parents are hell bent on stifling your fashion sense, but that is almost hardly the case. True, they might have different perspectives from you, but sometimes that’s what you really need. You do not want to walk out the house embarrassing yourself or being the one people are talking about negatively because of your sloppy appearance.

And besides, as long as you are under their roof, you remain under their authority.

So, the next time you want to buy a piece of clothing you feel your parents will frown at, ask yourself why you really need that particular cloth.

But what if my parents are just being old fashioned, you may ask?

Getting an adult friend or relative who has good taste in clothing and whom you know your parents trust and respect to talk to them might help.

Deep respect for your parents and a balanced view of what others think about you will help you choose modest cloths that will reduce the wardrobe wars.


Kimmy Tom

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