As a lady, you’ve probably been asked at some point in your life, why you always have your handbag on. Some say ladies just cannot do without their handbags, and others would give just about anything to find out the contents of a lady’s handbag. Strange as it may seem, ladies fuel the curiosity by the protective stance and the “don’t’ touch” attitude they adopt when faced with revealing the contents of their handbags. Have you ever watched a lady at a security check, fidgeting over emptying the contents of her handbag? One could easily assume she had an illegal item therein. I can assure you, 99% of the time, this assumption would be incorrect. Some ladies almost get mugged while clinging to their purses when they literarily had no money in it.  People often want to know what are these bags contain, that make them such an important accessory.

Strange as it may seem, a lady’s handbag can be more than a mere attachment of fashion. Even though there’s no disputing the fact that women love buying (and showing off) these expensive fashion accessories- handbags and purses, (if you’re always going to have it on, why not get it right?), it can’t be all fun and no work. A woman’s handbag is a dear companion and like a life jacket for emergency periods. Every woman needs a few essentials in her handbag or purse which helps her save the day when things go wrong, and as we know, things can go wrong when we least expect them to. It may seem like unnecessary luggage, but a lady needs her handbag to confidently move about with the assurance that she can tackle minor and unexpected mishaps with a quick scan of the contents.

Today, we are offering our readers, a sneak peeks into a lady’s bag, so quit guessing, as we reveal seven items you’re most likely to find in every lady’s bag, it’s most likely not what you think.

  1. Sanitary: – In order to maintain a healthy life, keep up with a good appearance, and reduce the shocking surprise of an emergency; some vital sanitary items are always found in a woman’s handbag. These items include: -An extra tampon, a pocket tissue, hand sanitizer, and wet wipes (this is a must for both moms and women without children.) etc.

 Make-up:- Yes, you guessed right! You’ll definitely find some beauty products. Every woman wants to walk into a place with a sense of freshness no matter the time of the day. Heat and stress arenot allowed to reduce the confidence of any woman hence; the need to have a make-up purse in their handbag cannot be overemphasized. These items include perfumes, blotting papers, compact mirror, powder, lip product (lip gloss, lip balm, lipstick) and other essential make-up items.

 Breath Mints/ Breath freshener: – This is very essential, bad breath is a turnoff in any situation. Ladies always keep mints or gum in their purse. Feel free to ask your colleague next time you’re about to make a mint run.

 Notebook and Pen: -As a saying goes, “the faintest ink is more powerful than the sharpest memory”. A small notebook (even a ‘Post-it’ pad works) to write down ideas or thoughts or phone numbers at a moment’s notice and a pen that makes her want to write all of these things down. Little wonder they say women have a very good memory. Don’t be fooled, they jot things down.

 USB Flash Drive: – This can serve as a backup device. You find it most time on their keychain to back up important documents when travelling or giving a presentation out of the office.

 Safety Pins/Mini Tailoring Kit: -You never know when disaster will strike and you need safety pins to keep a split skirt intact until you get back or a sewing kit to fix a loose shirt button. Safety Pins are a lifesaver if you pop a button or a seam. Also, a small one can pinch-hit for a necklace clasp if yours suddenly breaks. To keep their outfit intact, these items are often found in a lady’s bag.

 Business Cards: –As a lady would always have her business cards. It is one of the most valuable items usually found in ladies handbags. You never know who you’ll meet and when.

Finally, when a lady picks up this piece of accessory, she’s content in the knowledge that no matter what the outside of the bag looks like, how much she paid for it, or the label on the tag, the contents of her handbag equips her for eventualities of the day.

Little wonder famous Nigerian Professor, Ngozi Okonjo – Iweala once said:“When it comes to doing my job, I keep my ego in my handbag”. I bet she knew this fashion accessory could house even our large egos.


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