One unique thing about fashion is that it never forgets its old ways, in recent times fashion has experienced the return of old styles of the ’70s and 80’s coming back with full force in a splendid way.

No matter how ancient the style is, modern-day fashion knows how to make it fit into the trends of lifestyle.

One of these styles is the Bardot commonly known as off-the-shoulder or cold-shoulders. The Bardot style dates back to the Regency and Victorian era but it was not known as Bardot.

In the early to mid-1800 the likes of Napoleon’s empress, Eugenie, and her ladies took the off-the-shoulder dresses to the peak of fashion, wearing dresses designed by Charles Frederick Worth in 1855.

And in the 1960s, the off-the-shoulder was named Bardot after the fashion icon Brigitte Bardot revived the fashion trend, and put her own twist on the style in the 1960s.

Presently, the old off-the-shoulder which went extinct for a while but has become the new black in our current day fashion industry.

Off-the-shoulder is one the best outfits for the summer seasons, the styles give a free space from your neck down to your shoulder for the comfort of fresh air.

The good thing about the off-the-shoulder style is that it is suitable for almost every outing you can think about, starting from the office, to your normal hang out with friends and can be styled in different ways, from pretty tops with voluminous, ruffled sleeves to glam gowns, or even crop tops.

Off-the-shoulder can be worn comfortably on anything, whether the bomb shots, pencil trousers, skirts, baggy trousers and also the boot cuts are not left out, all you need do is wear what looks good on you.

Before now, everything that was once hot in the 90s is too cool for the 21st century but the reverse has become the case because the fashion industry recreates the style to suit almost all sphere of life and it is always amazing how the style appear after the finishing touches.

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