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How To Keep Your Hair Healthy Through Seasons

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Seasons change. Unless you stay on the equator, everyone is going through a season change, either going into summer or feeling the winter breeze creep up. It is easy to find warm coats and summer dresses for the weather, but people often forget that their hair also needs special attention. An increase in humidity in your area can affect the moisture of your hair whilst the winter breeze may dry your hair. Regardless of your hair type or where you live, it would help if you started adjusting your hair regimen and here is how you can keep your hair healthy irrespective of the season.

First, you must begin with the inside; your diet. Your diet can affect the health of your body and your hair. You may not think about it as often, but everything you eat affects you. Ensure you always drink enough water in the summer and winter. Drinking water helps to keep your scalp hydrated. Your hair also needs nutrients, so consider what you eat and ensure you are consuming enough vitamins. Others substitute this with hair vitamins, this is also great for the hair and it comes in handy when you are on a strict diet but you still need to give your hair enough nutrients.

Shampoo and conditioning your hair are essential, but how we use them also depends on the season. In colder temperatures washing your hair with milder shampoo, a maximum of twice a week can help you maintain your natural oils. In warmer temperatures, deep conditioning helps keep moisture in your hair and prevents strands from drying quickly. When you go swimming, your hair may also be affected by chlorine, so consider deep conditioning your hair the night before swimming.

When styling, some find it easier to use heat, but the overuse of dryers and curlers can damage your hair regardless of the season. This is why oiling your hair is essential. Oil your scalp as often as you wash but also note your hair porosity. Consider using lighter or fewer oils if your hair already has a massive oil build-up. Also, when using heat, prioritise heat protection products and treatments.

Wearing a hat can seem so simple, but it will help protect your hair from the harsh sun rays in the summer and also prevent your hair from drying out in the winter. You do not have to wear the hat daily, but when you spend long hours in the elements or when it looks good with your outfit, you may consider wearing a hat.

Finally, it is essential to remember that we are all different, which is the beauty of humans, so one solution may not be a “one size fits all”. Therefore, it is vital for you also to recall and note practices that may help your hair type. Practice a hair regimen that you feel comfortable with and that suits your hair type. You can discuss with a trustworthy hairstylist or dermatologist to help you figure out what products and hairstyles would work best for you. There is absolutely no reason why you should not maintain your gorgeous hair throughout the seasons. Enjoy your seasons.

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