By Cynthia Munwangari

In my opinion, 2018 fashion trends will remain the same as 2017 because, in my vocabulary, the synonyms for Trendy are decency, simplicity, and assertion, which as far as I am concerned never go out of fashion. The less important details of fashion may vary but these basic elements tarry on.  In this regard, my quintessential stars are the following women:

  1. Christine Lagarde
  2. Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche
  3. Teresa May
  4. Lupita Nyong’o

The reason I choose these four women is simply to expose the subtle ways in which they use the basic elements of decency, simplicity, and assertion in fashion to change the way society views women.

In the case of Theresa May and Christine Lagarde, their dress code exudes decency, elegance, and assertion and so brings power to femininity. Seldom in this world have women’s sense of fashion been associated with power but these two women, in my view, have pushed that envelope from one level to another.


For Lupita Nyong’o and Chimanda Ngozi, their natural yet chic look exudes simplicity.  They are both exposed and can afford any kind of fashion but they choose to remain simple.  Furthermore, their hairstyles assert pride and confidence in their African roots and so inspire young African girls to believe in their raw African beauty, a cause that could do with one more poster child.


Whatever the fad will be next year, as long as it meets the basic elements of decency and simplicity and asserts our pride and confidence in our femininity, it will win my veneration.


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