Have you ever felt like you need to change your look a bit and you start with your hair, and then discover it was the wrong place to start? Well; that’s me. I have a signature hairstyle and when I wear something else, I can tell it’s not me. The signature hairstyle may not be applicable to everyone, but for those who keep one, it has got its benefits. A woman’s hair is the first and most noticeable part of her beauty. It enhances her personality and is an important part of her appearance that sets the tone for her entire look. A bad hair day is literarily just a bad day.

Are we all telling a story by the hairstyles we wear or are we just following the trend?

There’s a reason why some celebrities and famous people maintain beautiful hairstyle or a look as we like to call it. I remember walking into the office a few months ago with a totally different hairstyle, everyone told me I looked different; some were polite enough to say “You look different, buuu..ttt in a good way”, some looked shocked as they asked “what happened?”, and others were blunt enough to say; “this isn’t you; go back to your regular style”.

Without being told, I knew my hair didn’t look good and I couldn’t wait to take it off (when I look back now, why did I change my hair? I was dealing with some personal stuff at the time). Basically, if you are not spotting a signature look, ensure your hair is always properly kept as it is common knowledge in the beauty world that whatever we’re going through in our lives can somehow be observed from our hair. From bleaching the darkest hair to having bangs, it’s a general belief we tend to change our hairstyle after something bad happens in our lives; so you need to be careful how you treat your hair.

Here Moeen Zuberi gives us 10 reasons why a good hairstyle completes your entire look:

It enhances your beauty: We aren’t saying your hairstyle makes you beautiful, but it definitely adds to your natural beauty.


It can make you look like a professional or a bum: If you’re dressed to impress but your hair doesn’t match your clothes it can ruin your entire look and make you look like a homeless person who stole someone’s good clothes.

A bad hairstyle reflects badly on the person who wears it: With a bad hairstyle, you come off as a lazy person or someone with really low self-esteem.

It’ll give you confidence: With a good hair-do, you will feel in control of yourself and ultimately feel confident.

It complements your features: Picking the right hairstyle and colour that matches the shape of your face and complements your skin colour and features can make a person go from oh… to wow!

A bad hairstyle affects you more than you know: A bad hairstyle won’t only make you look bad; it’ll have a negative impact on your entire day; it increases self-doubt and personal criticism!

You will feel smarter and more capable: A good hairstyle = a good hair day. According to a study, people with a good hairstyle feel smarter and more capable at performing tasks as opposed to those who are going through a bad hair day.

A good hairstyle even complements a simple dress: A good hairstyle even with a simple dress can make you look glamorous – that’s the power of a good hairstyle.

It shows you take care of yourself: You can’t have a good hairstyle with unhealthy hair. A good hairstyle requires shiny and voluminous hair.

You’ll be remembered because of your hair: Sure, people look at your eyes and your lips, but what they don’t forget (ever) is how great your hair looked. Good hair is something everyone wants to be remembered by.

So keep it neat, keep it simple and keep it classy; your hair tells a story about you.

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