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Knowledge of colours and their combination is a very important factor when it comes to fashion. The right colour combination is what transforms a winter look to spring, spring to summer and so on. Also, every aspect of style revolves around colour.  For example hair colour, makeup choices, fashion pieces, and more, all need to complement each other to achieve the desired result.

It is one thing to master your colour but it’s another thing to successfully combine colours while going against the rules of colour combination.

Here are some basic rules which will enable you to achieve a flawless colour blocking technique.

  1. Avoid Prints

Combining solid colours with patterns is way too dramatic considering the fact that patterns call attention to themselves, whereas the goal of colour blocking is to let the whole outfit work together. Stick with solid colours.

  1. Do Not Combine Too Many Colours

The fusion of two or three colours in a single outfit is just okay because when you have too many colours in one outfit they will start working against one another and that will be disastrous.

  1. Wear Your Neutrals

Sometimes the best approach is to pick one neutral and one bright colour. Browns, greys, navy blues, and even white are easy to block against bright colours like yellow, green, or red.

  1. Memorize The Terms Complementary, Triad, Analogous

Should you steer away from the neutral territory, the 12-tone chart below explains ideal groupings for brighter colours. Try two colours that are opposite one another on the wheel (complementary), two or three that are each four spaces apart (triad), or shades that are all beside one another (analogous).

  1.  Incorporate Your Accessories in the Colour Blocking Routine

You can also colour block with your clothing accessories e.g. watches, bags, backpacks, shoes and shoelaces, a belt, socks, et cetera. Try matching your socks with your shirt, your watch with your pants, or your laces with your shirt.

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