By: Valerie Dei

Fashion is constant but your style is what you make of it. Your style tells the world about your personality and I do not think anyone will like to be referred to as boring. You can make your style fun by taking a risk once in a while. Take the bold step and wear what you wouldn’t normally wear.

  1. Wear one colour from head to toe

Yes I said to wear one colour from head to toe and of course, that is supposed to be scary but trust me it will look good if you show some skin that way you don’t look like a blueberry, tomato, orange, or other fruit.

  1. Take a break from wearing black

You could take a week break or less from wearing black and try on some bright colours. Stretch that fashion muscles

  1. Damn the price tag

Sometime when you go shopping do not pay attention to the amount on the price tag let your love for fashion drown your fear for the price. It’s only money. You’ll get more.

  1. Wear denim from head to toe

You can’t go wrong by pairing jeans with a denim shirt. You can even take more risk by adding a jean shoe and bag. Take the risk!

  1. Wear a jumpsuit instead of a dress to your next wedding

Wearing gowns to weddings is so cliché do something different by wearing a jumpsuit to the next wedding you are to attend. It might be a bit difficult to strip down and use the bathrooms but that is why they have locks.

  1. Rock that sequin dress during the day

While doing this limit yourself to a piece of sequin to avoid being too bright. Combine the item with more subdued pieces.

  1. Put on a pair of mismatched earrings

Your single earrings aren’t useless after all. You can pair two different earrings to make a fashion statement. Use a longer earring on one ear and wear a shorter one on the other ear. Do not bother if they don’t match, remember you are taking a fashion risk.

  1. Wear a cute suit outside the office

Traditionally suits are supposed to be worn in corporate settings, well here is the news flash you aren’t doing traditional this time around, you are taking the risk! So you are free to wear that suit to whatever function you feel like.

  1. Wear socks and sandals together

Just make sure that pesky toe seam is under your foot and not poking out the front of your sandal because that is not a cute look.

  1. Get married in a dress that isn’t white.

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