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Designing a Home for You and Your Child

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By Miracle Nwankwo

Let me take you down memory lane, back to your days as a spinster when you dreamt of an adorable home furnished and designed with the best interiors that would make anyone dream of coming back home, but here you are today and it seems as if you have been struck with reality. As an interior decoration enthusiast, having kids and staying true to your design aesthetic can be challenging, but friend, you don’t have to give up on your fantasies like some, who believe that having kids means kissing goodbye to the freedom and fun of decorating your home, but I beg to differ!

You still have your chance to design that home you’ve always dreamt of, all you need to do is adopt a kid-friendly design that is woke and will make your home chic.

There are a thousand ways to go about this, so let Amazons Watch Magazine guide you through these six kid-proof decor ideas that can transform your home and bring back old fantasies to reality.

  • Frame Your Child’s Masterpieces:

Maybe you have a lot of paintings, designed by your young lad and you might be wondering what to do with them. Yet whenever you try to dispose of it you enter into World War III with your little one. If that is the case, have you thought about framing your child’s paintings and hanging them on the walls? You should try that.

Framing your children’s best masterpieces and displaying them with pride will help solve the issue of packed or littered paintings and also keep you at peace with your toddler. However, you don’t have to frame all of it, try to reach a consensus with your child on which painting to dispose of and which to keep. They will be glad you sort their permission.

  • Opt for Wood Interiors:

I don’t think it is cool to have glass tables or shelves when your home is dominated with kids. Kids love to play. If they love to play, why do you risk buying a glass table or any breakable furniture when you know that it might be destroyed?

Friend, it is okay to go for wooden furniture. It is not outdated, and as a matter of fact, wooden furniture is chick and safe for your home. Barrie Benson an Interior Design in Charlotte explains, “Solid wood can handle food all over it and has no sharp edges.”  You should opt for wooden interiors.

  • Embrace Color and Texture:

Studies have shown that kids establish a connection to their world through sensory play. A colourful home with textured pillows and playful art keeps children stimulated. Don’t be scared that they might be damaged and destroyed if you keep them at the reach of your children. Sometimes it takes educating them and coming into an agreement to help you keep your home beautiful and perfect. Kids protect what they love and hold dear to heart, so if you paint your home the way they love, I think they would also protect it from being destroyed. So don’t be scared of filling your living room with colourful throw pillows and wallpapers to match, just ensure that these wallpapers are kids-friendly in terms of colourfulness and stain-proof, and you are good to go! 

  • Create a child’s Corner:

Help kids stay out of your business by creating their own business too. If you are blessed with the luxury of space in your home, it’s okay to create a separate living room where they can have all the fun they want and not bother your other rooms, especially the living room.

If you don’t have the luxury of space, why not make your child’s room a safe haven. This way, you don’t need to worry about the kind of interiors you use to decorate your living room, neither should you stress yourself with framing their paintings and hanging them on the walls of your living nor consider a child-friendly or kids-proof design. All these can be done in your child’s corner or room while you have the freedom to design your home to your taste. Meanwhile, if you ever get worried about your kids eating in their rooms, you can create a casual breakfast corner in your kitchen for everyday meals, while the dining room can be set aside for special occasions and dinner parties.

  • Go for Forgiving Rugs

Just like making a decision with wooden furniture, you would have to do the same with rugs. I love rugs, and I wouldn’t mind having them all over my house even in my kitchen if that is possible. However, the thought of kids and rugs can be very discouraging but there is a hack and it is embedded in choosing the easy-to-clean and forgiving rugs. Spare yourself the heartbreak and have all the beauties you want in your home.


While you are thinking of how to go about this, I will suggest Persian and natural fiber, people say that they are great options and they forgive many a sin with their patterns, and advantage of hiding clean off which is as easy as washing your own hair.


  • Declutter

You can try all you want with decorations even with great expertise, a cluttered house never gives a perfect feel or satisfaction. It doesn’t look the part.

So, friend, you must let go. Yes, let go of certain items and furniture that are making your home cluttered. The ambience that comes with a decluttered home is exquisite. Sometimes you have to deal with too little to enjoy your spaces. And it starts with getting rid of the things you don’t use or really don’t like that much.

In designing a home for you and your child, you don’t have to say goodbye to the freedom and fun of decorating, all you need to do is compromise and you will be glad you did.

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