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Ms Caroline Eboumbou: Heroine of the Week

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As a Director working out of The Rockefeller Foundation’s Africa Regional Office in Nairobi, Kenya, Caroline Eboumbou joined the organization in 2018. Through the Foundation’s Power projects in Africa, Mrs. Eboumbou’s position focuses on generating significant effect and mobilizing funding for expanding access to energy internationally. Ms. Eboumbou is in charge of a creative portfolio of grants and investments aimed at maximizing the potential while advancing more efficient integrated electrification planning and investment across key markets, as over 600 million Africans are not currently covered by traditional grid infrastructure.

“She led an innovative portfolio of grants and investments targeted at achieving the full potential of small grids while driving more efficient integrated electrification planning and investment across essential markets, with nearly 600 million Africans unreached by traditional grid infrastructure. The strategic planning and continuing execution of the newly established Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet heavily involved Caroline in recent times.

“Before joining The Rockefeller Foundation, Caroline worked in private equity, with an emphasis on construction and long-term equity financing for solar photovoltaic projects in emerging economies, and for the African Development Bank in Tunis and Nairobi. She developed significant project finance knowledge in these positions and contributed to game-changing initiatives to provide power to people in Africa.

The All On Board Chairman, Mr. Osagie Okunbor, said that Caroline Eboumbou, a pan-Africanist, was chosen by the Board following a long search and challenging interview process. Caroline Eboumbou has devoted her career to the private sector and economic growth.

She recently was appointed All On new Chief Executive Officer.

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