Heroine of the Week

Heroine of the Week

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Norah AlOtaibi

The Female Engineer Challenging Perceptions in Saudi Arabia

The 23rd of January 2020 was a special day for CELD and Amazons Watch Magazine. It was the official launch of the engineering for girls’ network in Abuja, Nigeria. The network is an initiative of Mrs. Furo Giami, the publisher of Amazons Watch Magazine.  

The magazine is no doubt interested in seeing more female take up courses in STEM, especially in Engineering which has recorded the lowest number of female participation in STEM courses. It is little wonder then that our ‘’heroine of the week’’ is fittingly a female engineer who is challenging the wrong perceptions that most people have about women in engineering. 

We invite you to meet Eng. Norah AlOtaibi.

34-year-old Norah AlOtaibi is a respected female planning engineer who is making major decisions in an engineering and construction company based in Saudi Arabia. Day-to-day, Norah is on site, managing and monitoring the daily progress of projects for the business. This does not stop her from enjoying time with family and friends which is one misconception people have about female engineers. A typical weekend for Norah involves spending quality time with family and friends. 

Norah sees a co female engineer, Nabilah al-Tunisi who was recently recognized as one of the 25 most influential women in project management as a hero and role model. 

Norah hopes that Saudi women will raise their voices and get inspired by other talented and powerful women in the region.

Amazons Watch Magazine through the ‘’Engineering for Girls Initiative’’ hope to produce more female engineers like Norah. We unitedly say ‘’Yes’’ Females can Engineer’’.

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