Heroine of the Week

Adut Akech – Working with the UN to help refugees

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Adut Akech is a South Sudanese-Australian supermodel who is working with the UN to help refugees.

A former child refugee herself, 20-year-old Akech was recently featured on Time’s 100 Next List (the only model this year). She made her international debut walking for Saint Laurent during Paris Fashion Week, and in 2019, she was named Model of the Year at the British Fashion Awards.

According to Adut on what it feels like being a refugee, “You don’t wake up thinking, I’m going to be a refugee,” she said. “The only difference between a refugee and someone who grew up in the Western world is that we were forced out of our own country, out of our homes, because of fear – not out of choice.”

Adut Akech is the Amazons Watch Magazine’s heroine of the week for all the inspiring work she is doing to help refugees.

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