Zain Bahrain, a leading telecommunications provider in Bahrian Kingdom is pleased to announce its ‘Women in Tech’ summer internship program for young inspired female university students starting July 1, 2019. Zain Bahrain ‘Women in Tech’ summer internship program comes under Zain’s Youth empowerment program as a key pillar in contributing to the society and Zain Bahrain goal of embedding a socially responsible culture through Zain operations in general. 

The training internship will help young female university students who are majored in a relevant technical field such as IT and network to discover their capabilities and identify their career path through exploring their true potential and understanding the dynamics of the corporate workplace in the technology divisions. In addition, the internship will provide coaching, career planning through real working exposure, International Productivity certificate and community services  

“The first step for identifying a career path is self-exploration, and internships are a great way for students to acquaint themselves with the field they are interested in. Zain Bahrain Women in Tech summer internship will allow young female students to work in their desired field and help them to feel confident in choosing a career in the technical field,” said Dana Bukhammas, Zain Bahrain Director Human Resources.

Zain Bahrain ‘Women in Tech” summer internship will start on July 1, 2019, and will last for two months until 29 August at Zain tower. For more information, please visit our website or Instagram account (

 Zain Bahrain continues to create a unique platform to promote leadership and encourage young female university students to reach their career goals. 

Source: Startup MGNZ

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