Thousands Take Part in Global Marches Against Gender-Based Violence

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Chanting for gender equality and bearing purple banners, thousands of people took to the streets across the world in marches to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

In Madrid, a crowd of mostly women advanced up one of the capital’s main avenues to the lilting rhythm of a squadron of samba drummers. At the same time, while similar scenes played out in Barcelona, Valencia, and other cities, as shown by TV footage.

Thousands of women marched through the Mexican capital and scuffled with police on Thursday, demanding an end to femicide and other gender-based violence in the Latin American country.

Shouting “Not one (woman) less,” the crowd, dressed in black with flashes of purple, the colour of the women’s rights movement, demanded justice for victims of gender violence.

Campaigners denounce what they consider to be an institutional policy hostile to women, the LGBT+ community and those vulnerable to the economic, social and health crisis.

Carlotta Cossutta, Spokesperson for the feminist group “Non Una Di Meno” (Not One Less) said: “So far this year alone, there have been 109 femicides.

“That’s about one every 72 hours, actually even more, and according to the latest data, there are 89 women who report crimes related to gender-based violence every day, from stalking to sharing private material online, to beatings and a whole range of harassment at work or home.

Meanwhile, in Turkey, police broke up the women’s rights march in Istanbul with tear gas and rubber bullets.

The protesters were denouncing the recent rise in violence against women.

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