Argentina’s President Alberto Fernandez praised the role of women in building the country and noted that today women carry out a social revolution within the country as never seen before.

From the Olivos Residence, the president led a videoconference with several mayors of the nation to launch a project consisting of various public works with a gender perspective in order to give it greater prominence and work for a country with equality and opportunities for all.

In his speech, Fernandez advocated ending the exercise of violence against women and warned that in Argentina there is no more room to be tolerant of violent people or to support that a woman because she is a woman, has to endure violence.

‘All this that we are starting today is to create specific places for the care and protection of Argentine victims of gender violence, but it also seeks to include women in the country’s productive process as they are a key element of the times we live in,’ the leader expressed.

The head of State acknowledged that in terms of gender despite all efforts, there is still much to be done. He also highlighted that women today work alongside men and exemplify this with the work of many women changing paving stones, such as in Camarones, the main town of the Florentino Ameghino department (Chubut), as cited by the mayor Claudia Loyola.

At the inauguration of the project, several leaders were present, as the Minister of Public Works Gabriel Katopodis, and the Minister of Women, Gender and Diversity Elizabeth Gomez Alcorta, as well as the president of AySA (Argentine Water and Sanitation) Malena Galmarini.

Prensa Latina

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