Rwanda Boost Strategy to Improve Women’s Access to Opportunities

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President Kagame has stated that achieving gender equality in technology and innovation is a part of the wider struggle to guarantee equal rights and opportunities for women and girls in Rwanda.

Kagame disclosed this at the virtual Generation Equality Forum, a global feminist movement convening relevant stakeholders in the mould of governments, international organizations, civil society, the private sector and young people seeking to drive gender equality forward.

According to him, guaranteeing equal rights and opportunities for women and girls is key as every human being should be able to live the life that they choose regardless of their gender. In this, he shared Rwanda’s approach towards achieving gender equality in technology and innovation, noting that the country intends to bridge the gender gap in digital access by 2026.

“We will do this in three specific areas; ownership of smartphones, access to digital financial services, and science and technology and math studies at the upper secondary level. Secondly, we will ensure that our innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem is fully inclusive, by doubling the number of women and girls supported by innovation centres” he said.

To achieve these objectives, Rwanda is looking to partner with the East African Community and create a meaningful collaboration with interested parties committed to the subject.

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