Muturi Calls On Women in Kenya to Seek Political Positions in 2022 Polls

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Kenya’s National Assembly Speaker, Justin Muturi, has intensified the call for women to actively participate in politics and seek various elective political seats in the 2022 General Elections. 

Speaking to Professionals from Embu County, The Speaker requested women to take Political positions instead of waiting for nominations. He pointed to failure by women to vie for political positions as the cause of gender imbalance representation in Parliament.

“To demonstrate their strength and that they are capable of leading, women should fight for parliamentary, senatorial, and even ward representative seats…

“Women should believe in themselves and go for elective posts so that there could be equal representation in Parliament. The Constitution provides a two-thirds representation of either gender in Parliament” he said.

Mr. Muturi also noted that the two-thirds gender rule on politics will not be achieved if women continue shying away from vying for political positions. This call will serve to grant women the opportunity to come to the consciousness of rethinking their role in politics and actively seek offices.

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