Menopause Leave Should Be Offered to Keep Women Employed, Argue MPs

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Women of Menopause age should be protected under the Equality Act, according to MPs. A cross-party committee of MPs warned that a lack of support was driving women out of the workforce and urged for a large-scale menopausal leave trial program.

The Equalities Act should recognize menopause as a “protected feature,” similar to pregnancy, according to the Women and Equalities Committee, which Conservative MP Caroline Nokes leads.

It demanded that the government choose a “menopause ambassador” and create a leave program with a big company in the public sector “with a prominent public image.”

According to the committee’s research, menopausal women are the demographic in the workforce that is expanding most quickly and are working longer than before.

“However, these knowledgeable and accomplished role models frequently get little assistance with menopausal symptoms. Some people reduced their workloads or responsibilities as a result. Others never return to their jobs.

“We demand that the government set an example for corporations by selecting a Menopause Ambassador who would promote best practices,” the petition states.

The paper emphasizes the ripple consequences of being unemployed on the gender wage gap, the pension gap, and the number of women in senior leadership roles, given that 4.5 million women between 50 and 64 are now employed.

Given that 51% of the population would experience menopause, Ms Nokes stated: “The exclusion of menopause as a protected feature under the Equality Act is no longer tenable.

For too long, menopausal women have been made fun of and denigrated. It’s time for the government to take advantage of this chance to make changes. Now is the moment to honour and support these ladies.

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