Liberian Women Urged to Seek Increased Participation in Governance

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The Executive Director of the West Point Women for Health and Development Organization (WPDHDO), Madam Nelly Cooper has voiced out to encourage women to make efforts to participate in the public and private sector of Liberia, noting that women are decision-makers and should not subject themselves to fear or intimidation by their male counterparts.

Ms. Cooper spoke at the climax of a two days transformative leadership workshop that brought together participants from various communities, including Coconut Plantation, Newport Street, Front Street, Michelin Street and WestPoint Township, respectively.

Ms. Cooper expressed firmly that women should stand strong to have their voices heard on both political and social issues.

“Women are also decision-makers, do not be afraid to speak whenever the opportunity is given to you, you must at all times be prepared to make a decision that will be in the interest of all,” she said.

Generally, statistics reveal that Liberian women have been disproportionately challenged as a high rate of sexual and gender-based violence are well documented, especially during Liberia’s 14 years of civil war. Placing women in decision-making positions will be instrumental to addressing central issues like illiteracy, hunger and poverty, however, women face significant obstacles in attaining leadership positions, hence the need for awareness.

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