Wembley Park Showcases New All-Women Art Trail

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Across the world, Wembley has long been synonymous with the, often very male-dominated, beautiful game. What probably springs to mind for most of us is something along the lines of those infamous scenes from the Euro 2020 final: in other words, a lot of men and a lot of alcohol. For those living elsewhere in the capital who have only ever visited for sports matches or concerts, this might be all you know about the northwest London spot.

This spring, however, a group of female artists from around the world have revolutionised the space around the stadium, transforming it into a public art oasis of culture, colour and a celebration of womanhood.

The art trail, which launched in March 2022 in celebration of International Women’s Day, involves an eclectic combination of digital art, lighting installations, typography, graphic design, photography and illustration across eight major outdoor sites around Wembley Park. From the iconic Bobby Moore Bridge and the Spanish Steps to the Market Square, the art is spread out over unconventional outdoor canvasses, designed, as curator Zoë Allen noted, to bring accessibility to what can often feel like an exclusive world.

Discussing the artwork, she said: “We’ve had little to no access to culture and the arts throughout the pandemic, and we’ve been starved of inspiration – something that’s so important for the human psyche.

“The project creates a wholly accessible public art trail, providing a unique and exciting platform for artists to showcase their work, and hopefully leaves you feeling inspired.”

Upon leaving Wembley Park station, visitors are greeted with the first of the artworks by Italian artist Sofia Cianciulli: a looped video with the words “confidence looks good on you” appearing slowly, emblazoned in pink across the Bobby Moore Bridge. More of Cianciulli’s works, all exploring themes of self-love, are dotted around the park on digital totems and redesigned telephone boxes.

A little further along the park’s recently revamped Olympic Way, a brightly coloured, large-scale floor mural designed by Lois O’Hara is on display, a magnet for children in the area. Perhaps the stand-out piece among the installations is lifelong Brent resident Laxmi Hussain’s ‘Landscapes of Women’. A tribute to the female form and the diversity of women throughout the borough, Hussain, who has benefitted from the new affordable art studios in Wembley Park, has transformed a set of concrete steps into an abstract and playful piece emulating the organic curves of the female body.

Credit: Evening Standard

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