Group Tanzania Saccos for Women Entrepreneurs (TASWE)

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The Group Tanzania Saccos for Women Entrepreneurs (TASWE) has requested support towards their productive activities, access to knowledge and an expansion in customer base for inclusive development from the government and other stakeholders in the country.

Ms. Anna Matinde, the Chair of TASWE, spoke at the Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair (DITF), an event supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and realized by the German international cooperation (GIZ), where she noted that the opportunity presented by the Fair has acted as an eye-opener for women to connect with other producers, access markets and attend business meetings.

“We are asking stakeholders, mostly the government, to support our efforts in participating in various local and foreign trade exhibitions to acquire knowledge and create business networks to lift us and others from poverty by taking an active part in the national economic development,” she said.

She called for an intensification of efforts from the government and other development partners for more of such opportunities, explaining that women have learned and networked a lot by participating at the Fair. She pointed to the market access provided and the will of the women to work on outstanding challenges limiting them from growth.

Ms. Matinde expressed the group’s gratitude to the organizers mentioning benefits from the Fair which include learning on the importance and ways of marketing and selling their products using online platforms which support marketing products abroad at relatively low prices.

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